How Mobile Drives More Online Sales

For Lawyers, Doctors, and Dentists

New data released by the Salesforce Shopping Index show mobile playing a central role in online retail. According to Salesforce, mobile users constituted 60% of all online shoppers in the first quarter of 2018, with desktop computer traffic tumbling below 50%.

Conversion rates among mobile users are also on the rise, growing nearly 15% early this year. With more than 40% of online purchases occurring on smartphones, retailers and service providers alike can’t afford to ignore the importance of serving mobile users.

At Page 1 Solutions, we already see that mobile traffic has overtaken desktop traffic on the majority of our clients’ websites. We’ve talked before about the importance of optimizing for mobile, rather than just relying on a “mobile-friendly” website, but the era of mobile-first has truly arrived.

View our original infographic below to see why you should invest in mobile-first:

Even if you provide a service, not a product, the rise of mobile as both a traffic source and a buying force means that you need to adjust your marketing accordingly. The biggest – and best – change you can make is investing in a mobile-first website design, but there are other, more manageable changes you can make as well to optimize the mobile user experience on your website:

  • Optimize for local search results: User proximity is the leading ranking factor for local search. Emphasize where your office is located in order to rank highly on the results page for nearby mobile users.
    • Your marketing agency can do the same on behind-the-scenes areas of your website such as meta titles and descriptions, structured data, and more.
  • Write for screen size: When you write blog posts or other content, always think about how mobile users consume information. Long blocks of text are unappealing on a small screen, so opt instead for shorter, digestible sections. Break up the text with headers and bullet point/numbered lists to encourage easier flow through the text.
  • Use clean visuals: Images are important assets for bringing Web pages and blog posts to life, but they can significantly slow down the speed at which the content loads. Make sure you’re going for quality of visuals over quantity, and resize the images so the files don’t overwhelm your Web server.

Many aspects of mobile-first optimization are technical in nature. Most attorneys, doctors, and dentists partner with a digital marketing agency to help them make these changes and serve their growing smartphone user base.

Page 1 Solutions designs and develop websites mobile-first, and we apply this same enthusiasm and philosophy to other aspects of your marketing, including SEO, content generation, and more.

Ultimately, we design mobile-first websites that convert traffic into leads and new clients.

Find out how our mobile-first philosophy can benefit your website, digital marketing, and lead generation. Please call (303) 233-3886 for a free evaluation today! We specialize in:

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