How Long Will It Take to Redesign My Website?

For Lawyers, Doctors, and Dentists

Christian Stack - Internet Marketing Consultant
February 22, 2019

A common question that our clients ask us when considering a redesign of their website (or a new design, for that matter) is how long it's going to take to have a completed design. Typically, the website design process at Page 1 Solutions takes 4-6 months. There are factors that can put it at the quicker end of that list, and I am going to go into some of that in today's video blog on that topic. 

Of course, when shopping around for a company to redesign your site, you will likely find companies that say "We're the best, we can design your site in a month!" Something I always remind my clients to ask themselves is: If a company isn't busy and can turn around an involved process like a website design that quickly, why aren't they busy? Why don't they plan to get busy?

Companies that design high-quality, mobile-first websites are in high demand and usually have longer turnaround times than companies that aren't known for the high quality of their work. That is always something to consider when choosing your website design company.

Check out this video below, and if you'd like to talk to Page 1 Solutions about designing a fantastic new website for your practice, please call us at 303-233-3886.