How Do Videos Benefit My Practice?

Internet Marketing for Attorneys, Surgeons, and Dentists

Written by Jake Johnson, Internet Marketing Consultant 

Whether we’re searching the Internet for product reviews, installation instructions or FAQ’s, there always tends to be a video communicating the information we need on the subject. The simple explanation for this: Videos sell.

Custom video content sells your products, services and even the brand of your practice itself.

How Does Video Help My Website?

With the ever-changing landscape of phone and tablet sizes, it is no wonder that we as a society are starting to prefer to consume content from some of our favorite brands in video form. There are plenty of additional benefits that can be added to your website as well. Google sees videos as high-authority resources that are easily digestible and shareable.

According to Nielsen, users only have time to read about 20% of the text on your webpage. According to HubSpot, your website landing pages that have an embedded video can benefit from increased conversions by up to 80%.

The main takeaway is that video builds trust. Due to this trust, we have seen that 46% of consumers have made a purchase as a direct result of watching a video. 

This is no surprise, as our society is now leaning more and more towards instant gratification.

How Videos Serve Potential Clients

Videos are great not only for online marketing efforts but also for business use. You are able to use them as a resource when speaking with your clients. This helps to build the trust of the practice off-line by showing that you are an authority in your field. Branded videos are also easily shareable, with opportunities to distribute them just the same as you would via word of mouth.

How Videos Serve Your Practice

From a search marketing perspective, by adding a video to the homepage of your website, you can increase your conversion rates by 20% or more according to Reel SEO. By building a quality video library, you’re not only building trust for your brand but helping to create resources that your staff is able to use to help convert a website visitor into a lead. You’ll also gain quality SEO value to your website, which often times helps improve your overall SERP rankings.

If you have questions on how utilizing videos may benefit your practice, contact your Internet Marketing Consultant or call Page 1 Solutions directly at 303-368-9910