How Do I Create a Marketing Budget?

For Lawyers, Doctors, and Dentists

Budgets are fun, right?!

brand marketing and budgeting for attorneys, plastic surgeons, dentists and moreNot really, but budgets do keep us financially in line with our goals. Whether you are budgeting for your next vacation or making your yearly budget for marketing your practice, there is a goal for each of these budgets. So the real question is: What is your goal?

When creating your marketing budget, write out a list of goals that you have for your practice. The first thing that comes to mind is… profit! Obviously my goal is to increase revenue year-after-year, but how do I do that? Spend more money on PPC leads? Expand my practice? How?!

If investing into more PPC leads was the one and only way to generate a certain amount of business, we all would be putting our advertising dollars there and only there. Your potential clients need to have trust in you and your business, and that starts with many other items to tackle besides PPC.

First off, we need to take a look at some things that you might not think directly correlates with increasing revenue:


How have my patients or clients rated my business? Am I viewed as an industry leader, or do my reviews reflect my work negatively? Nowadays it’s hard to offer a product or service that isn’t already offered by another person or company. Why does this matter, though, and how is it going to increase my revenue? If you offer the same service that your competitor offers down the street but your competitor has more positive reviews than you do, guess who I’m going to reach out for that service? Your competition.

You may have happy patients or customers, but if they don’t express that by leaving a review for you online, how will other potential patients or clients know that? They won’t. Even if you offer a service for less money, people are willing to pay for quality.

If I need a personal injury attorney after I’ve been in an auto accident, I’m going to hire the person who can win my case, not the new attorney down the street with zero reviews on how he’s performed. Same goes with dentistry and plastic surgery; I’d rather invest in the correct doctor for my procedure than save some money and risk bad results.

This all means that when you are at the top of your Industry, it is perfectly normal to charge more for your quality of work – meaning more money coming in case after case.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Where are my customers coming from? That is a question you need to be able to answer. Showing up on the first page of search engine results for the services or products you offer gives potential clients and patients the opportunity to “meet” you. The question is: How do I get there?

There are so many factors that go into your placement on search engines– location, age and quality of your website, your website platform, your reviews across all platforms, content on and off-site, backlinks from higher-ranked websites, videos, social media, Google My Business posts and so much more. Each year, Google changes its search algorithm around 500-600 times. Yes, you read those numbers correctly. As a result, we work on many different ways to increase your rankings so when a Google algorithm does happen, we don’t have all our eggs in one basket.

Social Media Presence

Lastly, how does your practice appear on social media? For most industries, just having reviews and high rankings won’t guarantee you as the “top dog” in your industry. People want to be able to see the products or results that you can deliver, a glimpse into your office and get a feel for your personality as a professional.

Sharing live videos of you in action, highlighting staff members and celebrating holidays, showing off the results you can help others achieve, promoting products and specials and – most importantly – having fun can make a world of a difference on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube and more. The more of a following you have, the bigger your pool of clients and potential clients is. If you have an engaged presence, this will make a huge difference when it comes time to run ads across these platforms.

Facebook and Instagram especially are huge marketing platforms for businesses to generate new leads, promote specials, and gain attendance for events. If you aren’t using social media to improve your practice, you’re missing a huge demographic of potential business.

These aren’t the only three things to look into for improving your business, so look out for my next blog! Next time we’ll look into Pay-Per-Click ads, display advertising and videos. In the meantime, start writing out your business goals, and we can help with analyzing the three topics we went over today.

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