How Do I Build Links to My Website?

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website linksLink building is as old as the Internet, but the strategies behind it have changed over time. As you have built an online presence for your business, you have probably come across recommendations to improve your back link profile But what does that mean?

A back link is any link to your website from another website. So, for example, if the New York Times linked to your site, that would be a back link. Link building is the process of creating back links.

However, all back links are not created equal. There are certain parameters that make certain links more valuable than others. Some back links can even be harmful to your website if link building is done recklessly.

First, let’s go over what these parameters are:

  • Link comes from a website with a high domain authority and relevance to your domain
  • Link is set as "Follow"
  • Link has a keyword or business name set as the anchor text

Not sure if your back links fall within these parameters? Your webmaster can help you make sure your link building follows the above best practices. You can also get a free online evaluation of your site from Page 1 Solutions.

Creating A Link Building Strategy

The next step is implementing some link building strategies to help you earn back links by working smarter and not harder. The #1 thing that stops people from following through on a link building project is the amount of time it takes.

So, here are some quick ideas on how to efficiently create valuable back links:

1. Sponsorship Opportunities - Many local and national organizations provide local businesses with sponsorship opportunities through events. Some examples are fundraisers, local 5k races and conferences. Depending on the sponsorship level these organizations will put a back link for you on their site.

2. Scholarship Opportunities - Many colleges allow private scholarships, and if you offer one they'll post a back link to your site alongside the scholarship information. The scholarship can be as simple as offering $500 for an essay contest. In this case you are spending $500 to fulfill the scholarship but .EDU domains are some of the most valuable back links available.

3. Local News Opportunities - Do you have a new practice area or trend in your industry? Write a page about the information and reach out to the local news. Reporting this information can earn you a quick and valuable back link. This also applies to press releases, if you have a new service offering or you have made some worthwhile updates to the business a press release can earn you some great back links.

These three opportunities are high in value and low in time investment. There are many other link building strategies and opportunities available to businesses, but they usually require building relationships over time and don't always end up being valuable to your site.

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