How Can Your Practice Compete Online?

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April 10, 2013

In Matt Cutts’ weekly video on YouTube, "Google Webmaster Help," in which he answers questions from local businesses, he addressed a question I often get from well established practices.  The question asked was, "How can a legitimate business compete online?"

Matt's answer to this question is quite revealing and helpful. He explains that Google tries to provide a level playing field for businesses, but that being said, Google only knows what it can find on the internet (0:43).

Double-Edge Sword

The internet has become the great leveler for practices competing within the establishment of their communities. Moving fast and keeping up with new technologies have enabled new practices to capture valuable exposure on the search engines.

They have taken advantage of social media and online reviews, using it to spread their message, leading to increased referrals and word of mouth business. You have all seen the effect: the new practice that opened 2 years ago that you weren't worried about until you did a Google search and saw that they were the first listing in the results.

Your resistance to embrace the effort and commitment it takes build an "online presence" will hurt your practice moving forward.

Moving Forward

Google only knows what is on the internet. So what does that really mean for your practice?

  • Ensure that your website is personal and builds relationships with your visitors. Develop original content that reflects your years of expertise and empathy towards your visitors problems.
  • Work hard to solicit ratings and reviews from your happy clients/patients. Build advocates for your practice who will rave above your expertise and their experience.
  • Dive into social media. Build your credibility in your community by engaging with them. Publish great content to share but also participate in conversations.

Just because your practice is well-established in the real world, doesn't mean it translates to the online world. It takes dedication and a lot of hard work.

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~ By Nathan Bendzewicz, Internet Sales Consultant

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