How To Build A More Effective Before and After Gallery

For Lawyers, Doctors, and Dentists

A picture is worth a thousand words; Patients purchase elective treatments and procedures emotionally and justify it logically.  These are two important concepts that are the foundation to build a more effective gallery and generate more high-quality leads.

The first thing to understand about marketing your before and after gallery is to realize that it is one of your website’s more important “destination” areas.  In fact, your gallery should be one of your most frequently visited page/section of your website.

Therefore, it is essential to develop a website design and layout that drives visitors to it.  Here are some tips: 

  • Make sure your gallery link is clearly identified in your main navigation menu.

  • Avoid being overly clever in naming your before and after gallery.  Make it obvious.
  • Create graphic, visually compelling calls-to-action (CTA) gallery links.
  • Post a relevant graphic CTA link on a procedure page and link it to corresponding, treatment-specific photos in your gallery.

Better Photos – The most effective websites are those that have the best photos and galleries. Don’t cut corners or take short cuts.  Otherwise, your gallery and conversions will pay the price.

Technology - Today’s affordable, high-resolution technology removes any excuses for having low-quality images in your galleries.  A minimal investment in photography and lighting equipment can go a long way to project the high quality of your dentistry in your photographs.

Types of Photos - Also, avoid simply admiring your work and fixating on just the clinical photos.  One of the most critical elements of a person’s overall appearance is the visual impact of a perfect smile.  Be sure to always include full-face after photos in your gallery and not just clinical before and after smile shots.

Consistency - It is also important to the overall presentation of your gallery to be consistent.  Consistency in your lighting, camera angles, background, and position of the patient can not only minimize editing and cropping, it can make sure your gallery has a uniform, organized and visually appealing appearance.  Help your webmaster and your prospective patients.

Priority Organization – Don’t fall in love with your work.  For instance, dentists are typically proud about the complicated cases that they transformed into bright, golden-proportioned smiles. As a result, many galleries start with the most radical outcomes in an attempt to impress visitors.  Unfortunately, most visitors are not looking for your most incredible results; rather they are looking for images with their problem and solution to ensure you can treat them. 

Organize your cases so that the majority of your visitors can quickly connect themselves with photos in your gallery.  Put your most common cases first.  Also, consider your practice’s patient make up (such as gender, age, ethnicity, etc.) and post your cases in an order that reflects your practice make up.

Quick & Easy Display – If you are enamored with animated galleries that zoom, slide, fade, etc. one case at a time, you may want to rethink your strategy. Unfortunately, this not only slows down the ability to view more cases in a shorter period of time, it also takes away your visitor’s control of what they are able to view. 

Instead, develop a display that allows visitors to see as many options as easily and quickly as possible.  Ensure your visitors control what before and after photos that get displayed and how quickly they can view them.

Descriptions - Most practices simply post before and after photos and stop there.  They fail to include a brief description for each before and after case because it takes a little extra time and thought. 

However, this will enhance your visitors’ understanding and comprehension of their options, your service and results.  Equally important, it will provide relevant text that can be indexed by Google and other search engines. 

Invest the extra time.  It will distinguish you, your work, and results from competitors, and give your website more assets for search engines to index.

Calls-To-Action - As stated early on, your gallery pages and sections have the greatest opportunity to create desire and stir emotions of your visitors.  And since consumers purchase elective services emotionally, your gallery section must have your most compelling calls-to-action; You must strike while the iron is hot! Be creative. And if possible, have a treatment-specific offer or promotion in each relevant gallery section.  For example, in your Invisalign gallery, you may want to offer “Free Teeth Whitening with Your Invisalign Treatment.”

If you think all before and after galleries are the same, you will miss out on the most important opportunity to turn your website into a credible, emotion-stirring, lead-generating source.  Talk to your Page 1 Solutions consultant to get new ideas and improve your gallery.

~ Bill Fukui, Director of Sales & Marketing