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The Action Center in Lakewood, Colorado is a wonderful organization that assists struggling residents and the homeless community in Jefferson County.  They provide food, clothing and shelter to local residents and help to create pathways to self-sufficiency to help people in need and to break the cycle of poverty - assisting over 28,000 individuals every year.  The Action Center on average has 80 volunteers helping out at their facility on a daily basis!  Volunteers produce an immediate impact in the lives of everyone who utilizes the services at this organization.  They rely on donations throughout the year to help assist with programs like the School Supply Distribution, Thanksgiving Food Distribution and the Santa Shop.  These particular programs reach thousands of struggling families every year. 

Page 1 Solutions has been involved with volunteering and donating to The Action Center for several years.  This week, we had a group of employees get together to volunteer for the Food Rescue Group.  We saw first-hand how much food and clothing donations get cycled through the donation dock.  They distribute over four tons of food every day! 

We started our morning by taking a tour of The Action Center’s new facility that recently opened on April 21, 2015. They offer a self-serve grocery department with the guidance of a volunteer shopper to ensure they are receiving a proper balance of protein, vegetables, grains and fruits.  There is also a place for clients to shop for gently used clothing.  Upstairs is the home of the Self-Sufficiency Pathways Program that is geared to help clients break the poverty cycle.  Some clients simply need to complete their GED to join the workforce.  Red Rocks Community College has an office to help out with that specific need.  

The Food Rescue Group started off by assisting at the donation dock.  We split into groups and sorted through and organized countless boxes of donated food & clothing items.   Just as we had cleared out space, a semi-truck backed in and dropped off nine pallets of food donated by various grocery stores.   Breads and pastries were sorted by one department, frozen foods were sent over to stock the self-serve grocery freezer, perishable foods were stocked and flew off the shelves with the constant flow of shoppers throughout the day.

We would like to thank all of our employees who volunteered: 

  • Carmen White
  • Desiree Housek
  • Doug Wykstra
  • Jenell Henning
  • Jocelyn Rosenthal
  • Kami York-Feirn
  • Laura Nagler
  • Lisa Weatherbie
  • Liz Kroeker
  • Shannon Montoya
  • Tess Martin

If you are a resident of Colorado, I encourage you to visit The Action Center and to take a tour of their new facility.   Click here to learn more about The Action Center and how you can help make a difference!

~ Lisa Weatherbie, Marketing Coorinator