Guide to Earning More Positive Reviews

For Lawyers, Doctors, and Dentists

You’ve probably seen all of our blog posts regarding online reviews and how important they are to your practice’s success. So, naturally, there are many conversations around what the process should be to get positive reviews. What is the most opportune moment to ask someone if they will leave a review? How important is it to follow up multiple times?

Who Should Ask for the Review? 

Outside of providing great service and a favorable result for your patient or client, one of the keys to getting consistent reviews is finding the right member of your staff to ask for the review.

It should be the person that has had the most communication and has built the most trust with the potential reviewer. Many of our clients assume it should be the doctor or attorney, but a lot of times the person having the most communication with the reviewer is the patient coordinator or paralegal. A lot of reviews left online specifically mention these individuals instead of the attorneys or doctors.

Finding the Right Moment

In order to find the right moment, you have to take into consideration the process the reviewer is going through. This is more of a variable for our medical clients than it is for our legal clients. When it comes to legal clients, the best time is when a positive verdict or settlement has been reached in a case.

If the positive result includes money to be given to the client, then that is the moment to request a review. Our review platform is mobile-friendly and an attorney can easily pull up the platform on a phone or tablet and have the client complete the review in that moment. If for any reason the client can’t complete a review at that moment, then confirm that you can send them email and text message reminders and add them to a review reminder drip campaign.

One of my clients uses this exact approach and sees great results from it:

Law Firm Review Chart

Also, because he’s asking at the most positive moment of the entire legal experience, his reviews have been very positive as well:

Law Firm 5 Star Ratings Chart

The timing is a bit more sensitive when it comes to our medical clients. For example, the timing for plastic surgery and med spa clients to ask for a review after a cosmetic surgery or non-surgical procedure is going to differ because of the different healing requirements. We don’t want to ask a breast augmentation patient to leave a review right after their surgery; we want to wait until they’re nearing the end of the healing process.

Same thing goes for our dental clients. Asking for a review right after a cleaning makes sense (especially if it’s a new patient), but it doesn’t make as much sense to do so after the initial consult for a dental implant patient. You want to wait until after that emotional reveal moment. Here is the amazing growth one of our dental clients has seen in their review numbers after implementing all of the above and sticking to their review request process:

Dental Practice Review Chart

Not only have their reviews increased overall, but they’ve been overwhelmingly positive. Again, this is due to asking at the right moment when the patient is happiest and even emotional about their new smile:

Dental Practice 5 Star Review Chart


What the above data shows is that it’s worth it to take the time to plan out your review request strategy internally and with your Internet Marketing Consultant. Once the process is in place, it’s all about monitoring performance and making sure it works smoothly for your staff and your patients.

That’s also why having a review platform that can track trends over time and give you data like the examples above is important for tracking the efficacy of your process.