Google Announcement: Mobile Impact Coming In April

For Lawyers, Doctors, and Dentists

Google announced it will expand its mobile-friendly initiative that will impact your rankings.  How your website is built for mobile visitors (beyond your content and backlinks), will now be a major factor.

On April 21st, Google will incorporate mobile-friendliness as an important ranking signal.  They indicated that the update will be world-wide and have a “significant impact” in its search results.

As more people use mobile devices to access the internet, our algorithms have to adapt to these usage patterns.” – Google Webmaster Central Blog

Earlier, Google also indicated that they prefer mobile-responsive websites, which is different than a separate mobile website (ex. –

If you don’t have a mobile-responsive website, it is important to update your website as quickly as possible. 

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Whether you contact us or not, this is an important update that really requires you to some take action.


~ Bill Fukui, Director of Business Development