Getting Started: How to Optimize Your YouTube Channel

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Video continues to be an essential marketing strategy for any business that is looking to generate interest, grow exposure and drive leads. Most business owners nowadays are aware of all of the benefits that having solid videos online can have on their overall marketing and branding efforts. Just as your website houses all of the important information related to your business, your YouTube page should function in the same fashion.

Having a properly optimized YouTube channel where all of your videos are housed will not only provide that added online exposure to relevant audiences, but also a user-friendly experience to anyone who visits your channel.

You can take a number of steps to optimize your YouTube channel effectively, but here are the top 4 areas to get started:

Choose Your Channel

  1. For consistency and branding purposes, you will want your channel name to be related to your actual business name.
  2. If your business name includes a relevant keyword, incorporate the term into your channel (see 2:24). This keyword should be something related to your industry, your products and/or services or any term that helps define your brand and enables searchers to find you. The goal here is to help users find your channel organically and be able to easily understand what your business represents.
  3. Providing this additional search-related information will help YouTube and search engines like Google properly crawl and index your channel, which in turn will result in better placement within the search results.

Upload Compelling Channel Imagery

  1. Utilize the banner space at the top of your channel to convey who you are while providing something that is eye-catching to users. The majority of visitors are there for the videos, but having a compelling banner image can really go a long way in successfully promoting who you are and what you are all about, while keeping things consistent with your website's branding and imagery.
    YouTube banner for Dr. Joseph Fata
  2. Choose a profile picture that best represents your business and is something that is easily identifiable. A profile picture with a face as opposed to a logo is always a good choice and more appealing to users. Keep in mind that your profile picture section of your channel is fairly small, so you want to make sure you utilize this area as best you can.
    Desert Smiles YouTube banner with profile picture for Dr. Donald Wilcox

Fill Out Your Channel Description

  1. channel description for Wood Law Firm on YouTubeHere is your opportunity to describe what makes you unique and why prospective customers should consider you. The description can be an underutilized area of YouTube channels, which is even more of a reason to focus your efforts on describing your business and what sets you apart from others. Inserting a few keywords naturally in the description can help further optimize the page for search as well.

Utilize as Many Channel Settings as Possible:

  1. Sync up your channel with your website URL and social media outlets (like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc). These types of quick and easy settings will provide users with additional outlets to drive them to other platforms where you build your online presence!
  2. Add channel keywords tags to help searchers find your channel in relevant searches. These tags serve the same function on your site as they do on your YouTube channel, but it’s another underutilized area that can really go a long way toward your channel’s optimization. Like any kind of SEO, you want to be careful to not keyword stuff and make sure you are utilizing tags that are relevant and that add value to what your business is all about.
  3. Utilize data from your website’s Google Analytics account by linking it to your YouTube account. This can give you greater insight into user behavior on your channel.

Having a YouTube presence has the potential to provide any business with great benefits. It all starts with creating a YouTube page that best represents your business and is optimized to generate the right kind of audience. Learn how Page 1 Solutions can help you create your custom YouTube page by contacting your Internet marketing consultant at 800-368-9910 today!