Getting Past the Bouncer: A Helpful SEO Analogy (VIDEO)

For Lawyers, Doctors, and Dentists

By Laura Duncan, Website Architecture and Analysis Specialist

Search engines like Google are a discovery tool that enables you to market your practice to the most valuable Web users. But the signals that search engines use to determine which websites score the top results are numerous (over 200, according to most estimates) and subject to frequent change. They can also be difficult to predict, but the duty of SEO professionals like your team at Page 1 Solutions is to analyze trends, gather insights and position your website for success amid the changes.

Anyone who has ever waited in line at an exlusive nightclub knows the intimidating sight of the bouncer checking IDs and operating his velvet rope like a castle drawbridge. You might even have heard vague references to "the list" that determines who can enter the club and who cannot.

Google is a lot like a bouncer of the club that is the Internet, and "the list" is the hundreds of factors that influence search algorithms. In this video, I introduce a few of the search marketing strategies on and off your website that could help you meet Google's approval and get past the dreaded rope.

Obviously this video provides only a basic overview of a few SEO elements, but the key takeaway is that consistency and best practices in these and other areas send quality signals to Google. There are no guarantees in a system so complex as a search engine, but consistently meeting and exceeeding the standards established by search algorithms could  get you on "the list" and help you inside the club. There, prospective leads can see you and start a conversation, potentially resulting in more business.

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