Winning online reviews: 3 examples from the cult classic movie The Goonies

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July 16, 2015

The 1985 cult classic movie The Goonies can teach us a few things about how to obtain online reviews . Although it may seem unorthodox, there are plenty of lessons that we can gather from the movie itself.

Reviews can be a large part of your overall online marketing strategy. However, we know that it isn’t always easy to gain them. According to a consumer survery conducted by BrightLocal said 88% of customers have read reviews to help determine the quality of a business. With that being said, we need to have a strategy to better our odds of gaining new clients. Here are 3 ways to try to gain new reviews.

1. Ask

Asking for reviews, while being painstaking, can be your best resource in acquiring new reviews. It may seem as if it is taking forever and that you’re not making any progress. When you're feeling this way just remember this one simple quote. “Goonies never say die”.

In the movie, the Goonies gang goes after the treasure of the famous pirate One-Eyed Willie. This adventure takes them high and low in search of the treasure. Much like the movie, the treasure of obtaining new reviews is to try to attract customers to your business. According to the BrightLocal survey72% of potential customers say they will contact a business after reading a positive review. 

Being persistent and focused can help lead you to your treasure. If Mikey was to give up, he would have never been able to find the treasure and save his home from being demolished. If you can get your group of Goonies (your office staff) to all jump on board and ask customers for feedback, your chances for gaining an online review increase.

2. Get digital with it! 

Being willing to try to come up with new ways to gain reviews for your business can be a little discouraging if you don’t know where to begin. You have to think like Data from The Goonies.

Data was always coming up with new inventions and testing them out. Most of them weren’t complete successes, but he learned from what worked for him and he grew from those experiences.   

You should be willing to try inventing new ways of going after reviews through trial and error and revamping and adding to your approach. Be sure that you have links directly on your site to where your clients can leave a review, and include those links in your email signatures, newsletters and any marketing material that you send out directly to a client.


Offer a small incentive to your clients to give them that little extra motivation to leave a review, such as a small gift card amount, or even a percentage off of a procedure or product. This also shows your customers your appreciation towards them. When offering incentives, be sure that you’re paying out recognizing all reviews, not just the good ones. If you’re paying only for the good ones then you’re setting yourself up for, as Data says, “Booty Traps” or booby traps for those of us without Data’s accent. The search engines will eventually find you and penalize your site for such practices.

3. Follow up! ( HEY YOU GUYS)

Thanking someone for their business is a great way to ask for feedback on their experience. This can be done in an email, preferably from whoever has the strongest relationship with the client. The ideal person for this job is someone within your practice such as a Patient Coordinator or a Case Manager – someone who is in front of your clients on a regular basis.

Note: not all reviews that you receive will be positive. It is important to take the time to respond to all reviews ;both the bad and the good. This shows that you are engaged with your clients and do take a personal interest in what they have to say. Although it may be scary, approaching the monster in the room (Sloth, the hulking,but friendly villain turned Goonie) may be the best thing that we have ever done. That previously upset client may go from your nightmare to your favorite superhero. 

Jake Johnson- Internet Marketing Consultant