Funnel Marketing Campaign Drives Leads for LASIK Surgeon

For Lawyers, Doctors, and Dentists

High-cost, high-involvement purchase decisions typically take a long time to convert buyers to the action stage of the buyer cycle. Funnel campaigns are a desirable option for practices that want to streamline the purchase decision process.

What Is a Funnel Campaign?

Elias St. Elmo Lewis founded the concept of a funnel, defined as “a series of steps the customer follows, each one leading them closer to purchasing your product”. A social media marketing funnel campaign essentially guides users through the purchase decision process by utilizing retargeting methods in paid ads with marketing messages that align with each step in the decision process. At a glance, there are four steps in a funnel campaign approach that align with the audience's position in the funnel. Lewis defined these four steps as:


  1. Awareness: You need people to become aware of the existence of your brand, product or service.
  2. Interest: People need to demonstrate interest and be intrigued enough to read your ad and/or visit your website.
  3. Desire: Inertia is the marketer’s greatest hurdle. You need to get people to express interest or curiosity in your product.
  4. Action: People need to decide to take the next step, whether calling, filling out a form or adding a product to their cart.

The Funnel Campaign Effect

Our clients have been able to gain a competitive advantage by utilizing this strategic, step-by-step advertising method to produce quality leads in record time. In the instance of this case study, the ophthalmology client obtained quality LASIK leads by retargeting users who interacted with a clicks-to-website inbound campaign with a lead generation campaign offer.

The ophthalmology practice successfully converted four of the twelve leads to schedule a consultation for LASIK. Three of the four consultations scheduled surgery! This client invested a fraction of the revenue he obtained from surgery, resulting in an impressive ROI.

In totality, the paid social ad funnel campaign strategy generated a 33% conversion rate from total leads to surgery.

Ophthalmology Funnel Campaign Case Study

Is your practice interested in streamlining the purchase decision process for prospective patients by utilizing the funnel campaign approach to produce high-quality leads? If so, contact Page 1 Solutions at (303) 233-3886 to get started today!