Free Custom Images, 2015 Email Statistics, New Location Tips

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 To provide a wider variety of relevant marketing-related information about marketing your firm or practice, without forcing you to read long, multiple posts, I thought it would be helpful to share some quick insights to a number of resources I ran across recently.  I include links to more detailed information if you want to read more.  I chose these items because I believe they can provide helpful information, but also interesting perspective to marketing professional services, like yours.

How to post custom images for little or no cost

Your business needs to leverage images in your online marketing.  Statistics indicate that blog posts, articles, social media updates, even website pages are more widely viewed, read and comprehended when accompanied by a relevant, supportive image, particularly when they are custom to the topic. In fact, adding a photo to your Facebook posts can increase your engagement by 2.3 times!

However, there are things to consider when gathering and posting images:  1) Avoid simply using Google images without filtering for images that are available for reuse (using trademarked images can be an expensive mistake).  2) There are a number of free image websites.  3) There are graphic platforms that are either free, or little cost.  Here is a link to Neil Patel’s more detailed article.


2015 Mobile Usage Statistics

Email marketing needs to be an important part of your practice’s internet marketing campaign.  Understanding how consumers are viewing and reading your content can make a big impact on the clients/patients you convert.  

Movable Ink shares statistics on how consumers today are receiving and viewing emails, the devices they are using, the type of devices, as well as the length of content that gets read by device.  Very interesting statistics, particularly the comparison between iPhone and Androids!

Adding a new location to your practice? What to do before you sign.

May practices may expand though acquiring other practices and locations.  However, as part of that acquisition, you need to incorporate other items as part of your negotiations to ensure you get the most our of the purchase, including the “Local” online equity .

This article from Search Engine Land provides 10 tips to ensure you don’t lose the equity of your new location’s online presence and make it more difficult to generate better listings for it moving forward.

Hope you find the sharing of this information helpful.  Let us know what you think!

~Bill Fukui, Director of Sales & Marketing