Facebook Adds New Tools to Improve Local Marketing

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November 20, 2015
Facebook's new tools that improve local marketing

Facebook recently announced in a blog post that it would be rolling out two new features to further assist business pages in their never-ending conquest to reach more people near their businesses and deliver them the "right message at the right time." These additions come after last year's public release of new "local awareness ads" that were released as a means to hyper-target traffic within less than a mile of their physical address. These new additions to Facebook are just another selling point of Facebook and the Facebook advertising platform for marketers and businesses alike.

I often get asked by clients, "Why should I be on Facebook, let alone spend money on Facebook ads?" 

  1. You competitors are on Facebook. Go ahead - search your 3 biggest competitors on Facebook and watch as one by one their names and profiles show up. Not only are your competitors on Facebook, the individuals you want to buy your product or service are on it too. 72% of all adults who use the internet are on Facebook. That's 1.55 Billion users who use Facebook and average fo 20+ minutes every day. 
  2. Facebook ads are a very effective way to reach an extremelytargeted audience. It also costs exponentially less than other PPC methods like Google AdWords. Facebook literally knows everything about it's users. This is not an exaggeration. Every like, friend, follow, post, comment, page view, game play, click, image upload, image view is recorded. That's  in addition to the information you voluntarily provide to Facebook when you set up your profile. Don't believe me? There's a Facebook help page that lists out all the information that it keeps in your Facebook archive, and you have the ability to download that file by going to Settings --> General Account Settings --> Download a copy of your Facebook data.
    Facebook Knows Everything About You

    This data collection that Facebook (and most social networks and websites) engage in allows businesses to more efficiently spend their marketing budgets in the correct manner. While Google offers an extensive ad network through their AdWords platform, the ads tend to be extremely expensive. In August, SEMRush and WebpageFX did a study of the top 100 most expensive keywords to target in Google AdWords. Below is a list of the top 10 most expensive keywords and the prices listed are for a single click.
    Top 10 Most Expensive AdWords Keywords

    As you can see, most of these keywords pertain to personal injury attorneys, a vertical that Page 1 Solutions specializes in. We are always looking for ways to increase our clients' leads, and have found Facebook to not only be a much more cost-effective solution, but it also allows us to target individuals who have specific "buyer personas" that we can target with surprising accuracy.

    Jack Hickey of Hickey Law Firm, a Miami, FL lawyer who is double board-certified by the Florida Bar in Civil Trial and Admiralty and Maritime law, ran a Facebook "clicks to website" campaign for a little over a month. Below is a screenshot of the results the Hickey Law Firm received as a result of this Facebook ad.

    Facebook campaign results for lawyers

    The Hickey Law Firm Facebook campaign reached 44,145 people and drove 2,864 people to their website at $0.10 a click with a $300 total budget. If I were to run this same campaign on Google Adwords, my budget would only cover a single click to my website (the keyword "Miami personal injury attorney" costs $272.75 per click according to SEMRush data.) Not only was this Facebook campaign wildly successful, but it was only shown to individuals who traveled on cruises, showed interest in and liked pages relating to cruises or cruise lines, and were located in or recently near a cruise port.

​Locally relevent ads

With the release of these new features on Facebook, businesses who have multiple locations of their business on Facebook will be able to create highly relevant ads for each of their locations. You can now use the information from each of your business pages to add dynamic ad copy, links, and CTA buttons to your ad, so each ad is localized for its corresponding store. Let's say you were hosting a food drive at two of your offices in Colorado, one in Boulder and one in Golden. Your ads now have the ability to dynamically populate the city name in each ad depending where people are. People in Boulder would see "Please participate in our food drive at our Boulder Office." while people in Denver would see "Join us in our efforts to feed the hungry in Denver." Depending on which ad is shown, it will connect them to the office that is closest to them. 

Facebook Local Awareness Adds New Features


Better insights about your customers

As discussed earlier, Facebook collects massive amounts of data on it's users. Some of this data is being aggregated in the form of what Facebook is calling "local insights." Now businesses will be able to tell their neighborhoods busiest days of the week and times of the day, so they can gain a better understanding of the people nearby. The new insights can be seen under the "Insights" tab on your Facebook page (this feature has not been rolled out to all pages, but will be gradually available in the coming weeks.)

If your page has this feature enabled, you will see the following insights which change depending on the date range (1 week, 1 month, 1 quarter) and by radius around your address (50 meters, 150 meters):

  1. Highlights - this is a high-level snapshot of the trend of people within a certain distance of you business during whatever date range you set. It displays the daily average, peak times, and max percent reached.

    Highlights - Facebook Local Insights
  2. Ad performance - this section compares your ad spending to the percentage of people nearby who saw your ads on Facebook. Data will only appear here if you ran any type of Facebook ad within the date range you've selected.

    Ad Performance - Facebook Local Insights -
  3. People nearby - this displays the trend of people nearby your business, broken down by hourly, weekly, overall and check-ins. This allows you to see when people are within a certain radius of your business to more accurately target your local ads to show to them at peak times when they are literally "in your neighborhood."

    People Nearby - Facebook Local Insights
  4. Demographics - this is a visual representation of the age, gender and location of people on Facebook within a certain radius of your business during the last month.

    Demographics - Facebook Local Insights

With the release of these new insights available to Facebook page owners, businesses now have even more data to optimize their Facebook campaigns to display their message to the right people at the right time. Gone are the days of throwing money at a campaign that you hope will be seen by individuals near your business. Now you can literally see what types of people are near your business during certain hours of the day and optimize your ads to displayed during peak hours of the day to allow your message to reach not only more people, but the right people.

Facebook has released a slew of new features for business pages in 2015, including additional features for business pages, the new lead capture ads and linking Facebook ads to display on Instagram. These features make it more attractive now than ever to be on Facebook and to appropriate some of your advertising budget to social media.

Have these new features been rolled out to your business yet? Have you used them in your paid advertising efforts on Facebook? What other features do you think would be useful for your business to have? Let us know in the comments below!

The social media team at Page 1 Solutions is well versed in every new feature Facebook has released and has run hundreds of successful Facebook advertising campaigns for clients. If you are thinking about setting up a Facebook business page, optimizing your current Facebook presence or utilizing Facebook advertising to generate leads, increase brand exposure, and grow your fan base, contact us today and see what your options are!

Written by Andrew Wasyluk. Andrew is a social media specialist at Page 1 Solutions