Dynamic Content Types Proving Very Successful

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Page 1 Solutions -
February 25, 2016

Dynamic Content | SEO | Digital MarketingOnline marketing is an ever-changing field and here at Page 1, we are always looking for new ways to create engaging content that will encourage interaction and produce leads for our clients.

Recent data shows that long-format content tends to rank higher in the search results and may increase lead generation. While we are already incorporating this strategy with many clients, we decided to run some tests and track the results.

For our initial test, we selected a dentist in the Boston market and also an attorney in the Los Angeles market. This initial test explored the impact of converting multiple shorter pages explaining the different facets of one subject into 1-2 "super pages." We wanted to see what effect this had on visitor traffic and search rankings.

The Process:

In order to determine which pages to keep and which pages to combine into the "super pages," we analyzed Google Analytics for these two clients. Based on the data, we selected specific practice areas to test for each client. Then, we peeled through all of the existing content related to those topics and combined it into two thorough and well-organized “super pages” per practice area, per client. In each instance, we found more than ten pages, each of which was about 500 words. They were all centered on a specific facet of the topic, but were more specialized. We combined these into two “super pages” that are each 1,500 words. Each of the “super pages” gives vast information about all of the facets of the topic, combined into a single page. Each "super page" also includes more than one piece of imagery, including quizzes, videos, or multiple pictures.

The next step was to sit back and monitor the interaction with these pages to determine how well they would perform.

The Results:

Boston Dentist Website - For the test, we converted 10 pages about dental crowns into two “super pages”. We were tracking four search phrases for this client, each of which was ranking on the second or even third page of Google's SERPs. Three months after creating the two “super pages,” all four keywords moved to the first page of Google's SERPS; one keyword in particular moved to the third spot on page one.

Additionally, the following data proved how effective these long form pages were:

Three Months Before Rewrite:

  • Most of the 10 dental crown pages had 0 visits and a few had 1 visit during the quarter prior to rewriting them into a "super page" and the average time spent on the page was less than 45 seconds. 

Three Month Period After Rewrite:

  • Both dental crown “super pages” had 10 visits and the average time spent on the page was over 1:10.

Los Angeles Attorney Website - For our Los Angeles attorney, we created “super pages” for his three main practice areas which are lemon law, consumer fraud, and credit reporting. Each subject area had over 10 pages of content that were all between 350-500 words. For each practice area, we combined these pages into two "super pages, for a total of six "super pages." The search phrases we were tracking for these areas jumped by an average of over 30 spots in the SERPs after combining the content into “super pages."

Here is some other data that we measured for this attorney's “super pages:"

1) Three Months After Rewriting Credit Reporting Pages into Two "Super Pages:"

  • Page visits increased 29.79% for one page and 75% for the other page
  • Bounce rate decreased an average of 50%

2) Three Months After Rewriting Consumer Fraud Pages into Two "Super Pages:"

  • Page visits increased 66.9% for one page and 88% for the other
  • Bounce rate decreased an average of 36.7%

3) One Month After Rewriting Lemon Law Pages into Two "Super Pages:"

  • Page visits increased from 0 visits in the prior quarter to 34 visits to the two pages in one month
  • Bounce rate became 32%

Overall Approach

As a company, we are striving to deliver success for our clients by consistently evaluating digital trends and ensuring that we are testing and adding new content options on an ongoing basis. We are excited to see that the test for long format content is increasing page views, improving SERP rankings, decreasing bounce rates, and improving the time spent on a page. Additionally, this content type seems to affect our test clients' leads. While leads remained steady for our Los Angeles attorney test client, the month after doing the "super pages" for our Boston dental client, his leads increased by 54%. We will continue to utilize multiple channels and content options along with all of our marketing strategies to create more leads for our clients.

If you are interested in hearing more about how our company can deliver success for your law firm, dental office, or plastic surgery practice, please contact Page 1 Solutions today by requesting a free website evaluation or calling us at (303) 233-3886.

By: Melody Klein, Writer