Don't Let A Poor Quality Website Make Link Building Harder for You

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Written by Christian Stack, Internet Marketing Consultant at Page 1 Solutions. 

What Is Link Building?

Link building is one of the main practices of an SEO campaign, and also one of the hardest. Simply put, the process of acquiring hyperlinks from external websites to your site, also known as back links, is called link building.

Search engines use hyperlinks to crawl websites online, whether it’s by crawling links between individual pages on your site or crawling the links between two different websites. Today we will examine why link building is still important and why having a low-quality website, whether it’s design or content, makes it even harder to obtain high-quality backlinks to your site.

Link Building Is Still Important

Is link building still important? Simply put…. Yes!

Google’s main goal is to provide the best results for a query completed by a user. One of the main ways that Google decides if a website is the best answer for a question is how authoritative it is. This is where links come into play.

Think of a link to your site: Google and other search engines consider a link as a vote of authority or relevancy. The more sites that link to a page of yours, the more of an authority you are seen as for the topic of that page and the queries connected to said topic.

There has been a lot of noise that link building is dead and can harm your site more than help it. If we’re talking about low-quality, spammy links, yes – that could harm your site drastically. This is where the term "link earning" comes into play. Earning links indicates putting in the work to build a high quality, authoritative site. The fact is that backlinks from quality, trusted sites will always be a signal to Google that the content being linked to is a good answer for a query, and the more high-quality links your site has, the higher it will be returned as a result in the search engines.

Why a Poor Quality Site Makes Link Building Hard

The cold hard truth is that a low-quality website is less likely to get links to it. Let’s consider this scenario:

Google Search Best Dentist for High Quality SitesYou need a new dentist. It being 2017, you whip out your smartphone and perform a search for “best dentist near me,” and you get a list of results. You click on one of the results and what comes up is a poorly designed site.

The page is laid out in a way that makes it hard to find what you’re looking for. The buttons to click to other pages are hard to find. There is no easy way to contact the dentist, and the whole thing looks like a nightmare out of a scrapbook from 1990.

What do you do? Click back to get away from this monstrosity of course!

Now you click another search result, and this one is at least designed in a way that makes it usable. Since the site doesn’t look like last night’s dinner that your dog got into, you stick around for a bit.

As you start reading the page content, your brain starts hurting. The grammar is horrible. There are more spelling mistakes in this one page than in your entire 5-year-old nephew’s “novel” that he insisted you read last holiday season, the content makes no sense the way it’s presented and you’re pretty sure a room full of monkeys with a typewriter could write this better.

Woman Searching on Her Phone for High Quality SitesWhat do you do? Click away, Will Robinson, click away! 

Now let’s imagine that you’re the webmaster of a reputable, well-built, high-quality website. You’re writing a blog post on how to find a great dentist, and you’re performing a similar search. You pull up the same results as our scenario above. Would you link to these sites for more info? Definitely not!  Especially when linking from your site to an external site is putting your website’s reputation on the line. 

Sending your readers from your well-designed site with excellent content to a poorly built site with elementary school quality writing is not only going to make your site look bad to your readers, but also to the search engines that crawl your site. And this is why a poor quality site makes link building so tough!

How to Make Your Site Attract More Links

Now that we’ve established that a poor-quality site makes it harder to gain links, what can you do to make sure your site doesn’t fit this description? You want to make sure that your site is easy to navigate and is visually appealing. Contact info should be easy to find, and most likely should include a contact form. You should make sure that the content for your site is presented in an intelligent and easy to read manner.

Does that sound like more work that you can handle? A professional web designer can help make sure your site is easy to navigate and use and doesn’t look like a middle school art gallery. A professional content writer can help you present your ideas with high-quality content that is likely to attract links.

To speak with an experience Internet Marketing Consultant about your website and having a professional designer and writer help you out, please call Page 1 Solutions at 1-800-368-9910 for a free consultation!