Don’t Just Design Your Website - Plan Your Online Business

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May 25, 2016

In the early days of the Web, a business just needed an online presence. Having a domain and a simple informational website put you on the map and gave credibility to your brochures and business cards.

Now that everything happens online, things are crowded and competitive – you no longer get a participation award. If you want to stand out and win over customers, you need more than a design for a website. You need to create an exceptional user experience with your clients' needs in mind that is also positioned to support your business goals.

Most buying decisions start with a Google search. This is how people will discover your business, learn about you, and decide whether what you offer is the best fit for what they need. They may schedule a consultation or make a purchase through your site without ever talking to your staff or visiting your location.

Your website is now your most important marketing tool. Are you set up for success? If you’re ready for a new Web design, make sure you’re thinking about all of the aspects involved in planning your online business.

Create a Strong Design That Supports Your Brand

The average visitor will click to your website and form an opinion in fractions of a second. First impressions are everything.

Think of your website as an extension of your business and brand in an interactive medium. With an professional and well-organized design, you can quickly translate your business’ credibility, quality, and anything else that makes you unique to create an instant connection with your audience. Once you catch their attention and earn their interest, they can begin their relationship with your business.

Develop the Functionality Your Visitors Need and Expect

It’s easy to get excited and start implementing all of the latest design trends and widgets. But ask yourself what you really need and whether it will translate well for all users and devices. Take the time to identify the top things you want visitors to do as a result of visiting your site, such as viewing your specials or filling out a contact form. Is the information clear and is the process easy?

Consider ease of use for yourself and staff as well. Choose a content management system that is user-friendly for quick updates to your pages so you can keep your site looking great going forward.

Review Your Content Before the Transition

Think of content transition as moving to a new home. You need to pack up your stuff to take with you, but it’s a good time to clean and access what you don’t need anymore. Are there any new items you need that will be a better fit in your new space?

Review your photos and text to see if they still reflect who you are today. Are there any stock photos you can replace with something more personal? Does the tone of your writing need to be friendlier to your client's needs and less about your practice’s services? Answering these questions will help you rewrite and add new content with the best experience for your visitor in mind.

Set Measurable Goals for Your New Site

A new website is a big investment and a key piece of your other marketing efforts . Make sure to know what you expect to see after launch and quantify it into measurable goals.

Your website goals should align with your business goals. Do you need a certain number of visits, email signups, or leads per month? Are you trying to increase unique visitors or attract repeat visitors? What is the value of each of these actions if you had to put a dollar amount to it? Use this to determine the ROI of your Internet marketing efforts.

Create an Off-Site Support Network

What are you doing to create a conversation with your clients when they’re not on your website? Social media, YouTube videos, and eNewsletters are great ways to create touch points to remind them of you and your services.

Use your other marketing channels to support your website by sharing your recent blog articles, noteworthy testimonials, before-and-after photos, or industry-related news your audience will find valuable. Include links back to your website whenever possible.

Celebrate Your Website Launch

A Web redesign project can take months of planning, meetings, and work from your staff and your Web marketing agency. Take time to thank everyone involved, enjoy your accomplishment, and be proud of what you’ve created. Don’t forget to share the news and a link with your friends, family, colleagues, and – most importantly – your clients. Consider sending out an eNewsletter, submitting a press release, or doing a promotional contest on social media to create some buzz around the event and new visits to your site.

Ready to Get Started?

With the help of a partner who understands your business, you will have a guide through the entire process to create a custom plan to reach your goals. If you want to learn more about planning a successful website redesign, contact Page 1 Solutions today at (303) 233-3886 or start your free website evaluation.

Andrea Techlin – Internet Marketing Consultant