Dont Forget About Bing!

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August 14, 2012

In the world of optimization, Google is the gold standard.  While Google may hold the lion's share of the market, it does not mean that its "monopoly" is un-challenged or unchanging.  Bing's blip on the radar of search engines is becoming ever brighter and bigger while market shares stay steady for Google and decrease for Yahoo.  Not only are Bing's market shares increasing, but they have recently formed a few strategic alliances that will definitely help keep the company on the rise.  While Bing might be considered the tortoise in this race, slow and steady is their mantra and winning the race is their goal.

Have you watched a Lexus commercial recently?  If so, you may have noticed that their cars now tout an on-board, in-dash computer called Lexus Enform, which has a search engine feature that is powered by...Bing.  This new partnership not only will increase the search inquiries for Bing, but will also undoubtably introduce the search engine to a new market share that may not have utilized the search engine otherwise.

Yelp has teamed up as well with Bing to facilitate their local searches from mobile devices, providing applicable Yelp reviews for local search inquiries on the right side of the screen.  In addition, Apple is joining forces with Yelp to provide more valuable and relevant content to Siri's knowledge of local businesses.  With these developments for Bing within the realm of mobile search inquiries, they have taken the bull by the horns in the battle for the ever-increasing shares of mobile search inquiries.

Another alliance that you might be interested in is with a small company named FacebookMicrosoft (parent company to Bing) initiated their alliance with Facebook in late 2010 and with it began to provide search engine results for search inquiries within its framework of Facebook.  Bing has utilized their relationship to provide a search inquiry alternative for Facebook to Google, but the benefits are going both ways.  Bing is now utilizing the personal search information gained from a Bing search inquiry while logged into a Facebook account to make a more personalized experience.  When searching for a place to stay in Aspen for the weekend, Bing may show you that your Facebook friends had similar searches or maybe even show you pictures that they took on their last visit to Aspen, opening up the conversation on the Social Media platform and providing you some valid infomation to further personalize your results.  These developements show that Bing is not backing down to Google's developments with peer search results in their new platform Google +.

Bing may not take out Google as King of the Mountain anytime soon, it has made some notable alliances in recent months.  Sure, Microsoft is still losing money on its search engine but its market share has grown consistently over the last 26 months.  While Google still rules the world of Search Engine Optimization, please, don't forget about Bing.