Doggy Friday + Scout = Excitement at Page 1

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Scout is on the job!  Well, maybe not exactly 'on the job' but this was her first attempt at participating in Doggy Friday at Page 1 Solutions.

My name is Tammy and I'm an SEO Specialist here at Page 1 Solutions.  Scout is my dog.  She's a unique dog in many ways. She is a sweet 11 year old a mixed breed -- a Beagle-Bassett-Akita-Shepherd.  Because of this wacky parentage she has the look of one of those funny puzzles from childhood that lets you put the head of one creature onto the body of another creature then end with the legs of a third creature.  A bit of a Franken-Dog, if you will, which is somewhat appropriate with Halloween right around the corner. 

Scout can do four tricks:  sit, lay down, roll over, and beg.  She is very loyal to our family and is usually pretty easy going.  However, she does have a bit of a shy, nervous streak in her, so I wasn't quite sure what to expect when bringing her to the office.  Since Fridays at Page 1 are really pretty quiet, I assumed she'd just sleep quietly beside my desk while I worked on client sites.

And that did happen. 

For the first 45 minutes of the work day. 

Then the doggy-jitters settled in. Oh no...

Here is Scout starting out her day on her bed, looking relatively excited about the whole prospect of being somewhere new.

I'm pretty sure she was hoping for a hike or a trip to the dog park.  She was definitely not expecting to hang out in an office that looks suspiciously like the little rooms the vet has you wait in before you get your shots. As the morning progressed, she got more and more worried by the increasing number of people that streamed in.  

Here is Scout hiding under my desk at about mid-morning. It doesn't quite look as comfortable as the bed, but who am I to judge?

After getting a visit from co-workers Shannon, Roberta, Daniel, and Lisa (potato chips may or may not have been involved) - Scout ended up moving behind my chair and hugging the wall.  She liked the attention (i.e.., she liked the potato chips and treats), but started to freak out by all the new-ness of this odd routine.

By lunchtime she was barking at everyone, so that is how I knew Doggy Friday had come to an early end.  It was time for her to punch out for the day. 

Scout's final judgment:  Work is hard.  And a little bit scary!  But potato chips and treats are pretty cool. 

Thanks for putting up with me, new Page 1 friends!

by Tammy Smith, SEO Specialist