Dog Bite Lawyer of New Jersey Goes With New Responsive Design

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May 29, 2015

This new responsive design displays a simple, yet clear message about this New Jersey practice. The top static banner image present among mobile, tablet and desktop viewing provides a quick association to the purpose of accessing this site.


The dark blue CTA in the banner stands out against the dull gray wood background directing users to click and use this service. Having quick dog bite facts in white CTA’s against a black background draw users to read these, to better assure them of their need for this sites services and reassure them that they are not alone.


Below, the rotating animated client reviews enhance the professionalism of this practice and persuade users to maintain interest and therefore learn more about Mr. Cowhey.

About Mr. Cowhey

When dealing with a personal injury, finding the right lawyer to handle the case for you is extremely important in order to maximize the chance of receiving the compensation deserved. Mr. Cowhey provides his 30 plus years of knowledge to his personal injury cases to ensure each client receives the correct care needed.


“Mr. Cowhey demonstrated both the empathy and justice for my case that I found especially comforting.”-MD (client). Mr. Cowhey’s ability to communicate with his clients professionally and gain a comprehensive understanding about their case represents his passion for the law and for representing his clients in the best possible way.


For more information about Mr. Cowhey’s practice visit


~Jamie Stein, Web Design Intern