Does Your Plastic Surgery Website Need a Redesign? Take Our Quiz!

Website Design and SEO for Plastic Surgeons

Cosmetic service providers come from a variety of backgrounds and specialties, including plastic surgery, dermatology, medical-grade skin care and more. Despite this disparate experience, all of these practices need a website design that effectively builds rapport with potential patients and establishes a strong online marketing presence.

Take this quiz to find out if your cosmetic website would benefit from a redesign:



Think it might be time to give your website a facelift? Here are a few more questions to consider:

  1. Have you compared your website to other local plastic surgery websites in the last 12 months?
  2. What percentage of visitors convert into emails and phone calls to your office?
  3. Does your website have the latest information about you, your practice, new procedures, the latest technology/products, recent news and promotions?
  4. Is your plastic surgery website consistently positioned on the first page of search results for actual consumer queries?
  5. Have you updated your website or made any major modifications in the past 12 months?
  6. Does your website reflect the high level of quality and expertise of your practice?
  7. Has an outside agency critiqued your website and provided recommendations on improving it within the past 12 months?
  8. Have you modified or tried different calls-to-action within the last 6 months?
  9. Is your website working synergistically with your other marketing efforts?
  10. Have you done anything recently to make your website more "interactive," so visitors develop a rapport with your plastic surgery practice?

Need inspiration? Have a look at our Cosmetic Website Portfolio for examples of the work we have done for plastic surgery offices, med spas and more.

If you replied "No" to these questions or you got a low score on our quiz, you might benefit from a redesign of your plastic/cosmetic surgery website. Page 1 Solutions can explore the answers with you. Your website and marketing evaluation is absolutely free! Call 800-368-9910 today to speak with one of our experienced consultants.