Dissecting the Social Media Funnel

Internet Marketing for Attorneys, Surgeons, and Dentists

Social media marketing has evolved significantly in just the past few years. What started as a way to create brand awareness, social media now has the ability to generate qualified leads that have the potential to convert into customers. However, it’s important to utilize a social media funnel in order to engage with your potential customers at their stage in the buyer’s journey.

Similar to a traditional sales funnel, the social media funnel starts out by drawing in a new audience by making them aware that your product or service exists. From there, the levels of the funnel get narrower as unqualified users fall out of the funnel. The social media funnel aims to optimize your advertising budget and strategy by carefully targeting those who are interested in your practice and are more likely to convert.

Before you dive into marketing with social media advertising, consider utilizing the social media funnel to get more out of your efforts. In the SlideShare below, I’ve dissected each part of the social media funnel so that you can implement a successful social media marketing strategy and help your practice generate high-quality conversions.

Note: Before implementing the social media funnel, it’s imperative that you install the Facebook Pixel on your website so you can track users who visit specific pages and then retarget them with new social media ads in the future.