Diminishing Return on SEO Campaigns

For Lawyers, Doctors, and Dentists

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March 16, 2016

If you are like most practices engaged exclusively in SEO as the primary means to market your website to prospective clients, you probably are not getting the same results and new leads as you did at an earlier time.  In order to improve your results, you need to first understand what is happening.

Competition Changes

In every market and area of practice, competition for “free exposure” on the organic listings is increasingly competitive.  More and more of your competitors are committing to secure these key listings.  And not only are more competitors competing for a handful of first-page listings, national websites and directories are also taking up important real estate on these search results.

The fact is, organic listings may not have the high cost-per-click charge of Google Adwords, but there is a cost to secure top organic listings, and the cost and value for this exposure is getting higher with each passing month.

Google Changes

Google continues to take more elements into consideration when determining its ranking factors.  New visitors, return visitors, user experience, social media signals, relevant links to and from your website, more engaging/useful content, consistency in information about your practice throughout the Web, reviews and ratings, etc. are just some of the 200+ factors.  Bottom line, you have to do more than blog and get backlinks to your website in order to make an impact.

Also, the removal of the Google Adword tile ads along the right side of the search results, and increasing the number of top paid listings (above the organic results) from 3 to 4, Google search results display a cleaner, less-cluttered look,  and will likely have an impact on the click-through rate of all first-page results.

Consumer Changes

Probably the biggest change that your firm needs to take into consideration is in consumer activities.  It is no secret that consumers are spending more time on the Web.  In fact, time spent on the Internet now exceeds television, even for older demographics.  But the bigger question is “where are they spending their time?”  Statistics indicate that consumers only spend about 20 percent of their online time on search engine websites.  If you only focus on SEO, you are missing out on the other 80 percent!

Consumers are doing more things online, using a wider variety of websites and apps. 


Of course organic search engine listings need to be a part of your marketing strategy.  However, it is becoming increasingly obvious that you need to do more than just traditional SEO to get results and generate more leads.  You need to broaden your Internet marketing activities, if you want to capture more of the Internet marketplace, attract more quality client prospects and even secure better SEO rankings.

Some of the activities you need to consider include:

By taking a more comprehensive look at your Internet marketing will generate more business, diversify your lead sources and solidify your online brand.

We hope you find this information helpful.  And if you recognize the need to broaden your Internet marketing campaign and create multiple revenue generating streams, take the first step in developing a digital marketing campaign.  Give us a call today.