Avoiding Duplicate Content for Dental Websites

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Page 1 Solutions -
May 5, 2011

Website Design, Internet Marketing, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Google, Bing and other search engines want to provide their users with original, high-quality content and information. If you have duplicate content - content that matches the content on another dentist's website - then one of the matching pages, whether it's yours or the other dentist's, will not show up well in search engine results. SEO specialists call this the "duplicate content penalty."

At Page 1 Solutions, our dental SEO specialists know top search engines want their users to get engaging, useful information. We write custom dental content so you can avoid the duplicate content penalty.

What's Wrong with Duplicate Content on Dentist Websites?

Imagine if every website had the same exact information on it. This research would be pretty fruitless, and the websites referenced would not prove very useful to consumers. As a result, search engines such as Google have devalued websites with duplicate content when providing search results for consumers.

When you develop a dental website, you must always be conscious of the pitfalls associated with duplicate content. Without original, unique content, your website will not be able to achieve the search engine results necessary to generate the leads that will become new patients for your practice. So while it may seem like you will save time and money by using duplicate content on your website, you will actually be hurting your business in the long run.

Dominate the Internet with Unique Custom Dental Content

At Page 1, we build every one of our dental websites with unique custom content that speaks to the strengths of your practice. Our custom dental website copywriting seeks to achieve two goals:

  • Deliver the search engine results necessary to get you noticed by consumers.
  • Accurately market the uniqueness of your practice so that consumers understand why they should choose you over your competition.
  • Convert leads for your practice, allowing you to increase your revenue and boost your ROI.

Our dental website copywriters write everything from scratch. Your new website will contain up to 50 pages of custom copywriting that engages your potential patients, and we can continue writing additional pages for you as necessary to ensure that you maintain the strong web presence needed to acquire new patients. Without this unique content, our dental SEO efforts would be futile, and you would not be able to dominate the Internet.

Does your current dental website contain duplicate content? We can help you find out pretty easily. Together we can create a plan of action to rid your website of duplicate content so that you can achieve the first page search engine results you desire.

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