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The importance of managing your public image when you own and operate your own business cannot be something you do passively. As consumers become more and more educated and focused on the ethics and civic engagement of a company, the need to shine a positive light on your practice’s reputation increases dramatically.

Over the course of this blog post, I will discuss three easy ways through community engagement to bolster your public reputation. Aside from these three methods below, bolstering your reviews is a great way to manage your reputation. Reviews reflect positive customer experiences. Building a positive reputation through good works enables you to elevate your standing among people in the community who have perhaps not used your services, but nonetheless take notice of your contribution.

1. Make Use of Your City/Town’s Free Resources

Utilizing your municipality’s website will allow you to see local events and opportunities to plug into the community. This is a great tool to find community partners for joint events or resources to get your practice’s message out. It also will provide you with a resource for free communication on a geo-targeted level to promote your ideals and benefits. Being civically engaged in local community initiatives and meetings helps highlight the importance you place on the well-being of your community.

In addition to connecting with civic organizations and local government, events represent an opportunity to partner with local businesses that complement your practice and may be open to cross-promotion. At the event itself, this might mean sharing a table to engage attendees. Afterwards, you may be able to generate leads by creating referral networks with other local businesses that align with what you do and who you are.

2. Public Engagement Through Social Media

The internet and social media allow you as a business to tap into community groups and associations that people in your community are turning to for trusted advice and recommendations. Social media provides you additional outlets for participation that do not exist offline.

Consumers want to see that you are socially conscious, and what better way to demonstrate that than getting active in the community. These community activities also boost your marketing efforts. You can post announcements on social media prior to the event that show your support and sponsorship. Of course, taking and posting pictures at said events is a great visual reminder to your followers that you take community engagement seriously.

3. Local Sponsorships as a Form of PR

Sponsoring a local community event allows you to build brand awareness through public visibility. It also presents an opportunity to give a boost to your organic SEO through referral traffic from a listing on the sponsored event’s website.

Associating your practice with a trusted, more established brand helps provide an opportunity to gain traction among a huge group of followers/consumers that you may otherwise not have the opportunity to get in front of. Sponsor organizations that serve the demographics who generally patronize your business. This is a strategic way to do good while building inroads with the specific sections of your target audience.

Consumer decisions are increasingly being influenced by companies’ “social footprints” and “CSR,” or corporate social responsibility. Sponsorships are a great way to get additional marketing collateral due to the press tending to cover charity/sporting events much more readily than corporate events.

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