Common Questions about Instant Chat

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By John Gaumnitz, Senior Internet Marketing Consultant

Instant chat is a feature that offers website visitors an additional option when it comes to connecting with a business. Not everyone is in a position to pick up the phone and call, but they still want that instant interaction. This is why instant live chat is an essential feature to consider to help your legal or medical practice take advantage of all of the different types of prospective clients.

Despite its lead generation benefits, clients often have questions about this feature and how it can help their business grow. Here are some of the most common questions we hear from clients about instant chat. Hopefully the answers will help you better understand this service:

Questions about Lead Generation with Instant Online Chat AgentsHow does it work?

When someone visits your website, a chat box will appear with an agent ready to address inquiries. The chat box can be set to appear during specific times, or it can constantly be active.

The agents on the other end are ready to gather the necessary information from all who inquire. Once the chat has ended, the agent will either securely email the necessary information to your practice OR they can connect the prospective client directly with your office, depending on preference. 

What information is being provided, and how do the agents become aware of the correct information?

Chat agents can gather quite a bit of basic information from your website. Keep in mind that the agents do not work for your practice, nor do they claim to do so. They are here to address inquiries by gathering all of the necessary information from the website visitor.

Additionally, the agents can work specifically from a fully customizable script. This way you can ensure all interactions are handled the way you would like them to be. After all, this is your practice, and the goal is to have the agents represent you in the best possible light.

Can someone from my staff handle the chats?

Yes. If you would prefer to have a staff member handle all chat inquiries, then it can be set up to do exactly that. 

Can this work on mobile devices?

Chat from Anywhere - Desktop, Laptop, Smartphone, Tablet | Page 1 SolutionsAbsolutely. As online users continue more and more to prefer mobile devices, instant chat has likewise adapted. It is fully functional on all devices to help accommodate the user and drive more leads to your practice.

Does it cost me every time a chat is initiated?

The only cost, aside from an initial set-up fee, is when qualified leads are sent to your practice. For example, if someone is inquiring about office hours or your location, the agents will gladly provide them that information. But, if someone is interested in a specific service, then that is something that would be considered a "qualified" lead. 

One of the main goals for any business is to generate more business, and instant chat provides another valuable outlet for visitors to connect with you. Are you interested in setting up online chat on your website? Page 1 Solutions can help! Give us a call at 800-368-9910 to get started.