Client of the Month: Karl Truman Law Office

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Our marketing relationship with Karl Truman started back in 2013. His successful law practice, Karl Truman Law Offices, is located in Louisville, KY, and Jeffersonville, IN. During the 5 years that we’ve had the privilege of working side by side with one another, we’ve seen Karl’s practice grow.

Karl Truman, a retired Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Army Reserve, is known for dedicating himself to what he is passionate about, his practice, and his community. Within his practice he focuses on being able to serve those who are in need of his expertise, whether his clients were in a car accident, or need help to maneuver the complicated process of a Veteran’s Disability Claim. Within his community, you can often see Karl finding ways to help the veteran community, whether it is by sending multiple WWII veterans to visit the nation's capital, giving a speech on the significance of Memorial Day, or even even providing warm holiday meals to families who have a service member who is about to deploy on a mission.

“The partnership with Karl Truman and his team is a very special one to me. It has been an absolute pleasure working alongside Karl and his wife, Jeanine. We are often collaborating on what our next campaigns will be and what we’re trying to achieve with them. Due to this teamwork, we’ve seen continual growth both within the types of cases he receives, as well as his recognition around town. On top of that, they do a wonderful job getting us incredible images of the events that they do within the community.

“You can really tell that Karl loves what he does both within his practice and within his community. And when you hear his slogan, ‘Count on the Colonel,’ you better take that as a statement of truth.”

We would like to thank the Colonel for everything that he does both inside his office and out in his community, and congratulate him on being Page 1 Solutions’ Client of the Month.