Client of the Month: DENTAL STUDIO

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Andrea Kalan - Internet Marketing Consultant
February 21, 2019

We started our marketing partnership with Dr. Jarrod Cornehl in 2017. His practice, the DENTAL STUDIO, is located in San Francisco’s Union Square.

Dr. Cornehl has extensive training in rehabilitations and aesthetics, and is an active member of the Spear Faculty Club at the prestigious Spear Education Institute. He is proud to offer facial aesthetics such as Botox, microneedling, PRF injections, and thread lifts through his modern dental practice.

dentist and staff at DENTAL STUDIO in San FranciscoDr. Cornehl’s passion for improving the oral health of his patients extends beyond his home city of San Francisco. He is a proud ambassador for Open Wide Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to establishing permanent dental clinics in impoverished parts of the world that need them most.

“I really enjoy our partnership with Dr. Cornehl. He frequently shares office updates, photos/videos, and his goals with us so we can keep his website marketing and social media campaigns fresh and focused. Dr. Jarrod Cornehl with his Page 1 Solutions marketing podHe is also open and eager to try new ideas, and through our collective teamwork, the practice continues to grow and thrive both in the office and online.”

We wish Dr. Cornehl and the DENTAL STUDIO continued success and congratulations for being Page 1 Solutions’ Client of the Month!