Page 1 Solutions Launches New Website for Channel D

Website Design and SEO for Dentists

For more than 15 years, Page 1 Solutions has provided full-service marketing for dentists. A growing cornerstone of any dental practice's content portfolio is video marketing. Marketing videos can take many forms, from behind-the-scenes footage of your office to Q&As to patient testimonials. But did you know that video can be an asset for patient engagement and conversion right in your waiting room?

Today, we at Page 1 Solutions are proud to announce the launch of a new custom website for Channel D. Channel D is a groundbreaking video system that uses bite-sized video clips to capture the attention of patients in your reception area. The videos are humorous and entertaining, and designed to get patients curious about how the dentist's services can benefit them.

In short, Channel D is not just another reception area video platform. It is a revolutionary video system that is proven to grow your practice and significantly increase high-value dental treatments from existing patients. Best of all, it costs less than $200 per month.

The New Channel D Website

Channel D website design - tablet, desktop, and mobile viewsAs a platform dedicated to strong visuals, the new website design emphasizes the unique, colorful assets for which Channel D is known. Videos are included on nearly every page, with galleries specifically devoted to sample content, client reviews from satisfied dentists, and interviews with the team. Strong images enhance the website as well, drawing the visitor's attention to straightforward messaging about how Channel D works and the benefits for dentists.

Channel D aims to grow dental practice business through a simple model: Curiosity, Conversation, and Conversion. When patients see original, customized videos that make them laugh and make them think, you and your team members have an opportunity to guide them toward the right treatment. With Channel D, the patient approaches you – a situation that generally finds patients more open to investing in dental care than if you tried to "sell" them.

How Does Channel D Work?

Dentists who subscribe to Channel D can sync it to one TV or all TVs in their waiting room. Each video is hosted in a user-friendly content management system where you can customize playlists using ready-to-play video content, or request videos customized to your practice. Custom videos are encouraged!

All videos include communication tips that help you and your team move patient conversations that start with a Channel D video toward making the next appointment. Training yourself and your employees to engage with patients, answer their questions, and discuss options will generate more cases for the treatments you want to do.

Get Started

Channel D serves the United States, Canada, and all English-speaking dentists worldwide. If you want to start growing your practice for just dollars a day, Channel D offers a risk-free 28-day trial. And, if you use the following coupon code: FREETRIAL, Channel D will supply you with a media player to play the videos at no additional charge.

We believe that Channel D is a "No Brainer" for our dentists, and recommend it to all of our dental clients.

If you're a dentist who wants to learn more about website design, video marketing, and other options for growing your practice, get a free evaluation from Page 1 Solutions by calling 800-368-9910 today.