Cecil the Lion Case Study: Looking Back at What We Learned

For Lawyers, Doctors, and Dentists

Some of you may already know that Page 1 Solutions became the target of an online outcry last month when users on social media made a mistaken connection between our agency and Dr. Walter Palmer, the embattled Minnesota dentist who admitted to killing Cecil the lion during a Zimbabwe hunting trip. However, rather than discussing the details of the crisis once again, we would like to focus on the positive effects this situation had on our company.

Many brands would struggle to survive an association with a controversy like the one attending Cecil’s death, but we believe our team has emerged stronger for the experience. We have created a case study analyzing the situation and our response:

The information in the case study explores many of the positive results we achieved through effective crisis management. However, it can only hint at some of the more intangible benefits that came from banding together as a team, delegating roles based on individual team members’ skill sets, communicating consistently, and distributing a consistent message through each of our efforts.

These are lessons we look forward to applying in the future for the benefit of our clients, and we believe they also provide an example other businesses can follow for taking a negative situation and transforming it into a positive.

~ Adam Rowan, Content Specialist