Case Study: What Type of Social Media Content Performs Best for Plastic Surgeons?

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Facebook is CROWDED! With more than 60 million active business pages, the amount of content being posted each day is overwhelming users’ NewsFeeds. Because of this, engagement for business pages has rapidly decreased in the past couple of years.

Advanced Cosmetic Surgery struggled with this exact issue when Dr. Levi Young signed on with Page 1 Solutions in 2018. Although the practice had a decent following on Facebook and posted regularly, the posts struggled to generate substantial engagement. By running a Likes campaign and posting an assortment of content types, the client’s Facebook page saw an impressive increase in page followers (total of 1,053) and post engagement (up 78% from the prior year).

In order to duplicate this improvement across all of our plastic surgery clients’ Facebook pages, I analyzed six of the most common types of organic content that were posted to Advanced Cosmetic Surgery’s page in the past five months to determine which types of posts performed best in terms of engagement.

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