Case Study: Paid Social Advertising Increases Web Traffic More than 400% in One Month for Florida Law Firm

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Raising awareness for your firm might seem expensive, but the key to any successful multi-channel digital marketing campaign is identifying which platforms provide the best return on investment and developing a cost-effective strategy. Canter Law, a legal client of Page 1 Solutions based in Boca Raton, Florida, discovered the benefits of budget-conscious marketing at the end of a month-long social ad campaign that launched in June and concluded in July.

The results of this campaign are detailed in the Slideshare presentation below, including considerable growth in Web traffic and a strong correlation between the dates of the campaign and a boost in leads. But perhaps one of the major takeaways is the cost savings between marketing channels – targeting users through the Facebook ad network rather than Google AdWords led to savings of over 180,000% (that's right, THOUSAND)!

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By Adam Rowan, Content Specialist, Page 1 Solutions