Case Study: CoolSculpting Event Marketing with Facebook Native Leads Ads

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Facebook Ads Event Lead Generation Results


One of our clients, a plastic surgeon and his staff, routinely hosts CoolSculpting events at each of their practice locations. They have faced some difficulty in the past with promoting these events and reaching their goals for attendance.

Events are a great way to raise awareness of your practice and services. Sponsoring an event full of fun activities, giveaways, and exclusive offers for attendees can help attract new potential patients and both delight and potentially upsell your existing patient base.

Our client’s traditional approach to promote these events has been to use an external landing page for event sign-ups—with or without driving paid traffic to it—or a Facebook Event Page along with the Event Responses ad campaign type. These approaches have produced mixed results in the past, so the client agreed to let us try a new strategy of using Facebook Leads ads to gather RSVPs to the event.


We immediately recognized the opportunity to utilize Facebook’s native Leads ad campaign format, built out as an event sign-up form. When a user clicks the ad, an instant lead form pops up right within the Facebook app or website. This allows you to collect users’ information without them having to click off the platform. The user never has to visit an external landing page—never has to wait for it to load.

Whenever we received a new lead through Facebook, the practice would then follow up with the individual to confirm the RSVP.

The Facebook Pixel, had been live on the client’s site for several months, so we had a strong pool of users to work with. The Pixel collects data about your website visitors and allows you to create custom audiences of people that have visited certain pages, performed certain actions, or engaged with your content on the Facebook platform.

We targeted the ads to be shown to a combination of custom and lookalike audiences, comprised of people that have previously visited the website, engaged with the practice’s content on Facebook, and are most likely to be interested in the CoolSculpting procedure.

Facebook Ads Event Lead Generation Targeting

We made 4 high-quality custom image creatives. We used the default setting of “Automatic Placements”, so these same creatives were served on both Facebook and Instagram. We served the ads to women only, aged 21-55. The campaign ran for approximately 10 days, with a total lifetime budget of $750. We created a 25-mile geo-targeting radius around the practice address in order to serve the ads to the broadest possible audience in a relatively rural area.


364 individuals clicked on the ads and viewed the lead form. Of those 364 people, 37 (10.2%) filled out the form and RSVP’d for the event, and in the process elected to share their contact information with the practice. After cross-referencing our data with the practice, we learned that, of the 37 people that RSVP’d, 7 went on to schedule CoolSculpting consultations with the practice.

Facebook Lead Generation Event Ads Results

Every single one of the RSVPs came from a mobile device, which is a good reminder to always optimize ad copy and creatives for mobile. 34 sign-ups came from the Facebook Mobile App News Feed, and 3 came from the Instagram Mobile App Feed. The majority of sign-ups were from women aged 35-54.


We’ve established that this is an effective strategy for obtaining RSVPs from individuals that are actually likely to commit to attending the event and sign up for a CoolSculpting consultation. This is a viable means to promote an event within your localized target audience, increase event RSVPs in a manner which is congruent with your audiences’ existing behaviors on social media, and effectively increase leads for your practice.

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Written by Daniel Brophy, Senior Social Media Specialist at Page 1 Solutions. Connect with him on LinkedIn and Twitter!