Case Study: Comprehensive Internet Marketing Campaign (Slideshare)

For Lawyers, Doctors, and Dentists

As Page 1 Solutions President Dan Goldstein says in his eBook "Win with Multi-Channel Digital Marketing," successful online marketing encompasses multiple strategies to drive website traffic and convert qualified visitors into leads. While knowledge, experience and advanced tools all make it feasible to track the success of a single marketing channel, it takes additional effort and ability to assess the overall impact of a complete digital marketing campaign on a client's online performance and lead generation.

This comprehensive assessment is exactly what we have created with our latest case study. Leventhal Sar LLC is a personal injury law firm located in Denver, Colorado. Page 1 Solutions launched the practice's new custom website last spring. The following case study details the strategies we developed to market the practice and the positive results we've seen in the subsequent months, including award-winning Web design, steady prominence in search engine results and doubled lead generation.

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