Benefits of a Before and After Gallery on Your Dental Website

For Lawyers, Doctors, and Dentists

Brent Critchfield - Sales
August 18, 2015

By Brent Critchfield, Internet Sales Consultant

A smile is one of the features people show others the most, and your practice helps patients make the aesthetic improvements they need to achieve the perfect smile. Doesn’t it make sense to share the results of your most successful procedures with prospective patients on your website?

Visuals are a powerful tool for demonstrating your abilities as a cosmetic dentist and building trust with the people who visit your practice website. Before and after galleries have several benefits for dental websites. Here is a look at some of the advantages of implementing this feature to augment your online presence.

Show, Don’t Tell

You have completed substantial training and ongoing education to provide your patients the best service possible. You could communicate this with words on your website, but why tell when you can vividly show?

A before and after gallery section can illustrate in just two (or more) images the dramatic difference your treatment made in a patient’s oral health and appearance. Whether you choose to write a brief description to accompany the image or simply let the photos speak for themselves, pictures of straight, white smiles and satisfied patients can communicate more about your skill and experience than an entire CV.

Increase Web Traffic

Google Analytics data show that apart from the home page, before and after galleries are among the most frequently visited pages on our clients’ dental websites. This should come as no surprise: People want to enhance the way they look, and they want to find a dentist who can help them make the change. And they don’t just want to read about results – they want to see the type of work you are capable of delivering.

Spruce Up Your Site

The advent of affordable, quality cameras means that your practice can produce exceptional images of patients before and after they have completed treatment. If you believe a patient’s results are exceptional and representative of your best work, never hesitate to ask if you can use his or her likeness on your website.

Using images of actual patients can take a visually compelling website and make it even better. Sites that favor real results over stock photos stand to capture a user’s attention not only through visuals but also through the authenticity underlying the pictures.

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