Be Like Beyoncé – What’s Your Brand’s Lemonade?

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Digital Marketing Strategies You Can Learn from the Queen Herself

You might be wondering: How can I learn anything practical about marketing my medical, dental or legal practice from Beyoncé? Great question – and one I asked myself a few years ago when a friend first handed me the book “Brands That Rock” by Roger Blackwell and Tina Stephan.

In it, Blackwell and Stephan explore the (many) steps it took for some of the most iconic musicians – the Rolling Stones, Elton John, Aerosmith, and Madonna – to become the household names they are today. At this point, it seems hard to believe that those musical artists/bands weren’t instantly born into stardom and that they, too, had to start somewhere – but of course, they did.

That said, I’ve been wondering how I can adopt and apply some of their genius marketing methods to enhance our clients’ overall marketing strategies. Steering away from the musicians studied in “Brands that Rock,” I decided to look to Beyoncé for marketing inspiration (because duh! she’s my all-time favorite artist).

So how does she do what she does? And how can Beyonce’s promotional marketing methods teach marketing managers in corporate America? Here’s what I think:

#1: Be Unique.

When Beyoncé released her self-titled visual album called Beyoncé, she surprised all of us.

“Beyoncé’s self-titled album – her fifth studio effort, and first since 2011's '4' – arrived on Thursday night (Dec. 12) without prior warning. [All 14 songs on the album have] also been given a video, all of which are available on iTunes.”

So while it is customary for musicians to “release a lead single a few months before an album drops, promote that single on radio, release a video for that single, and perform it on TV shows and concerts,” Beyoncé paid no mind to what was expected of her and stayed one step ahead of the game. Not only did she use the surprise release of her album to create buzz around the music, but she paired each song with a video – yes, that’s right, a video for every. single. track. That’s unheard of!

Moral of the story? Be like Beyoncé when she drops an album – be unique. I recognize that while you’re probably not dropping an album at your medical or legal office, you probably are dropping a campaign or two in the coming months… and that should be treated with the same kind of uniqueness and hype as an album drop. Stay ahead of the game!

#2: Come Prepared.

After Andy Roddick lost to Roger Federer during the Wimbledon final in 2004, an interviewer asked him to describe how he played. He said, “I threw the kitchen sink at him but he went to the bathroom and got his tub.” It’s been over a decade and I still think about Roddick’s answer.

In my mind, marketing is no different. If you’re only throwing the kitchen sink when you could throw the tub, why wouldn’t you? Go big or go home… just like Beyonce’s marketing team did when she dropped her “Self-Titled” album.

“Within minutes, the 'XO' singer practically took over iTunes as the site promoted the new album using three banners on the home page. Her back catalogue was also promoted as her previous albums were immediately placed on the front page. A press release was sent a little later to give the media some information to report. At the same time, Beyoncé posted the first 'Self-titled' video on her Facebook page.”

Do more. Cover all your bases. Ditch the kitchen sink if you have the tools to throw the bathroom tub at them.

#3: Collaborate.

Another note about coming prepared – don’t forget the power of collaboration. Whenever you are executing major campaigns, make sure your entire team is onboard and knows the role they play. The seamless execution of a marketing strategy involves synchronization among many people – and depends on the strength of the team behind you.

When Beyonce released her most recent album "Lemonade," a surprise album that was debuted during an hour-long, conceptual short film that aired on HBO and became the highest-selling album globally in 2016, all she did was collaborate, collaborate, and collaborate.

“Beyoncé's Lemonade, released on April 23rd, was a triumph of sound and storytelling, an intense and adventurous "visual album" (accompanied by an hourlong film) about race, infidelity and marital meltdown. It was also a marvel of project management. Beyoncé, famously controlling and tight-lipped about her creative process, oversaw a cast of nearly 100 collaborators, from Jack White and Diplo to dozens of unknown producers and songwriters.”

Get all the members of your staff involved with your marketing strategy. Ask for suggestions, ask for help, and include your Internet Marketing Consultants every step of the way. It’s important to work together and create a plan that can be executed as a team rather than putting the responsibility of marketing on one person alone. The more heads working together, the better – always and forever.

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