A Dog Really Is Man's Best Friend, Even At The Office: #DoggyFriday at Page 1 Solutions

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Page 1 Solutions -
July 15, 2015

Dogs have affectionately been nicknamed "Man's Best Friend" (and for good reason), so it should come as no surprise that bringing your dog to work boosts both your happiness and productivity. Last Friday, Page 1 Solutions had our first round of #DoggyFriday and we thought there was no better way to celebrate than to write a blog about our experience. So perk up your ears and get ready to get your paws a little dirty!

Introducing Rumi:

The day started off per usual: breakfast with the Friday crew followed by copious amounts of coffee to help power through the day and then it was off to work. After sitting at my desk for 20 minutes, I saw a glint of orange fur flash by my cubicle out of the corner of my eye. Immediately intrigued, I got up and started to follow it around the corner and down the next row of cubicles. Upon realizing a human was trying to get his attention,  he ran towards me with tail wagging and I proceeded to give him some much deserved puppy love. That was my first introduction to Rumi!

Throughout the day, he would stop by to be petted for a few minutes and then move on to the next cubicle. Each time, I would admire how soft his coat was and learn something new about him and his owner, Michael, our MIS Manager. Each time, I would feel more energized to attack my dauntingly long To-Do list that didn't seem so bad after petting a dog.

My first break session with Rumi left me wanting more but it also helped me get re-focused and re-energized for my tasks ahead. I was able to check all of the items off my To-Do list by the end of the day; something we know rarely happens in our marketing world. While I don't want to attribute that all to having a dog in the office, it certainly helped to be able to take a few breaks, pet a gorgeous dog for a few minutes then get back to work. Those breaks not only reminded me how much I love man's best friend, they also reminded me how important it is to take a breather sometimes, step away from a task and come back with a fresh mindset.

We made it through the day without any messes or mishaps and I couldn't be more excited to meet the other pups that come in for #DoggyFriday in the coming weeks! I think this is a great step for our company and our Friday's will continue to be filled with doggy kisses, pants covered in dog fur and lots of productivity! 

~By Kami York-Fiern, Social Media