8 Ways to Use Holidays Throughout the Year to Market Your Practice

For Lawyers, Doctors, and Dentists

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January 4, 2017

The holidays at the end of the year get a lot of attention. But holidays and other times of celebration and awareness happen every month, and they are great opportunities to promote your practice.

You should always be looking for ways to change up your marketing’s design, message, and offers to reflect the season’s weather, festivities, and how it relates to your clients’ need for your services. Integrating these observances into your digital marketing strategy will make your practice more relevant and stand out.

The holidays also give you a chance to have a little fun! It’s not always easy or appropriate for legal and medical practices to show their lighter side and the humanity behind their brand. But a holiday can be a great occasion to emotionally connect with your target audience.

And, because everyone loves a reason to celebrate and spread some joy, this is also the perfect time to get your staff involved. Encourage your team to dress up, decorate the office, plan a potluck, and help you brainstorm marketing ideas.

Here are a few suggestions to consider:

1. Get a Team Photo.

Holiday office celebrations are a great way to showcase the actual people behind the business. Let others see this candid look inside your practice and build the feeling of a relationship with you. We all prefer to do business with people we know and like!

2. Create a Special Offer.

Use the special day as inspiration to create a limited time-only discount or service. Generate urgency with the short window of opportunity. This could be a teeth whitening discount in December or a “treat yourself” package during the recipient’s birthday month.

3. Create a Themed, Branded Item.

Giving out a useful item like a calendar or notepad with your practice logo or personalized photos can keep your business top of mind with customers all year. Make sure it’s something worth keeping around!

4. Send Holiday Email Campaigns.

Email is a great way to put your services in front of clients at a time when they need it most and are ready to spend. This perfectly timed reminder or themed promotion could be the reason they choose you over going to the competition.

5. Hold an Online Contest.

A holiday-themed giveaway is a great way to engage your social media followers. Ask them to post a photo using your hashtag where they do something that engages with your brand, then share for their chance to win a prize. You’ll be able to reward your loyal fans and get in front of new people through their networks.

6. Share Useful Tips.

Use email or social media to offer helpful content to plan for the holiday:  how to look your best, feel prepared, avoid safety concerns, etc. Consider your industry, services, and related advice you could offer to make your clients’ lives easier.

7. Get Involved and Give Back.

Organize a group to run a fundraising 5K for a worthy organization in your community during an awareness month or set up a food drive for a local shelter before Thanksgiving. Put your logo on T-shirts or sponsor the event to gain some bonus exposure for your practice. (Don’t forget to share a photo on social media!)

8. Treat Your VIPs.

If you have business clients or partners, take them out for coffee or a special holiday lunch to show them how much their business means to you. It’s a great excuse to get out of the office, connect on a more personal level, and say “thank you.”

If you find yourself struggling for ideas for the weeks or months in between major holidays, get creative! Does your practice have an anniversary coming up? Is there another type of milestone worth celebrating, like reaching X number of Facebook followers or launching a new website?

You can also visit daysoftheyear.com to see what other days offer some special ways to promote your practice. Here are a few coming up this spring:

  • March 6: Dentist’s Day
  • Mar 30: Doctors’ Day
  • Apr 11: Be Kind to Lawyers Day

Remember, a great promotion can be the difference between a client choosing you or going to the competition! Plan ahead to leverage holidays throughout the year as a way to engage people with your practice.