7 Steps to Evaluate Your Competitors' Websites

For Lawyers, Doctors, and Dentists

Although it's important to maintain focus on your practice's marketing efforts, knowing what the competition is doing can be critical. If a competitor is involved in a marketing activity that eclipses your own attempts, your practice could generate fewer leads from the channel in question. However, competitive intelligence can also be a powerful tool that makes it possible to identify opportunities for your practice and steal the march on your competitors.

Competitive analysis can be a technical process that frequently requires the gathering of disparate data. While team members at Page 1 Solutions frequently use Google Analytics and other sophisticated tools to assist clients, we are pleased to offer these preliminary tips for principals and staff who would like to begin assessing how their practice marketing stacks up against the competition. As always, please don't hesitate to call your Internet Marketing Consultant with questions about the competitive analysis process.

If you are not currently a client and you believe Page 1 Solutions can help you enhance your online marketing efforts, please contact our Sales Team online or call (303) 233-3886 for a free evaluation of your practice website.

- By Adam Rowan, Content Specialist