6 Critical Web Elements Not to Overlook During a Redesign

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March 23, 2015

Your site can say a lot about your company.  It's often the first interaction someone has with your brand, so that initial impression is of critical importance. If your site isn't satisfying your highest expectations and you’re thinking about a redesign, here are six points to focus on when structuring your new site:

1) Mobile Friendliness
Reports have shown that around 60% of web traffic is generated by mobile and tablet devices combined, so for usability purposes, your new site should be built-responsive.  Responsive designs are the future in wake of Google’s endorsement as the recommended mobile configuration.  This is primarily due to the fact these sites have one URL, which enhances capability to crawl and index.

2) Simple Navigational Menu
Navigation helps the prospective user tonavigate your site with optimal ease, thus, if your structural presentation is overwhelming, you could be losing customers.  Keep it simple!  You should limit your top level navigation menu to 5- 10 items.

3) Clear Calls to Action
Users shouldn’t have to think about what YOU want them to do, or where YOU want them to go; calls to action should be clear.  This means that visual attention should be focused on areas of significant importance. Simplicity is pivotal.

3) High Quality Images
Images are important to diversify content and help grab people's attention.  When possible, custom imagery is recommended, as it adds a personal touch that helps build a relationship between the customer and your practice.

4) Easy to Read Content
Content should be presented in such a way that will assist the user in pinpointing what they’re looking for.  Bulleted lists and separate headers within the content area should be used in efforts to create white space and draw attention to important pieces of information.

5) Appropriate Color scheme
Color trends change, so updating your color palette can help to ensure that your site retains a fresh and modern look.  Additionally, color influences the reader’s sensory input; beware of aggressive colors, fonts, and text styles.

6) Easy to Find Contact Info
Visitors to your site need to know how to contact you when they’re ready, whether it’s for subsequent information, or to schedule a consultation.  Having your phone number visible, a contact form, as well as a footer section with relevant contact information will ensure that you aren't losing any customers based on this element.

If you follow these techniques you will end up with site that you can be proud of and customers with appreciate. To learn more about redesigning your site, contact us today!

~ By Rachel Boyes, Project Manager