5 Ways to Maximize Momentum After Launching a New Website

For Lawyers, Doctors, and Dentists

New website design goes live

Launching a new website design or a reprogramming project is always a big accomplishment for a business.  It can also be a good way to generate new interest in your brand online.   Here are five things you should do to capitalize on the momentum after your new website is launched.

1. Blog About Your New Site – Let people know that you have launched a new site on your blog.  Encourage readers to take a look at your new design, tell them about new features that you have added like a new gallery, a new service, or a new interactive office tour.  Promote yourself shamelessly and ask for people to bookmark your site, bookmark your blog, or to share pages with their friends.  You are looking to build a bit of a new following by using the momentum of your site launch.  Get as many people to comment publicly as you can – on your blog or on social media.

2. Promote Your New Site on Social Media – Building new followers on a social media platform can often feel difficult.  Now is the time to ask friends, family, co-workers, and staff to help.  Share the new site with them on your social media profiles and ask them to share it with their friends.  Ask what they like about the new site.  Ask them to leave a comment or a review if they have ever used your services.  Your friends and family are wild about you and they have the added bonus of wanting to help you succeed, so task them with helping you spread the word about your new site by sharing with people they know.   Leverage your locale. Follow and friend related businesses.  Get local businesses in your area to post about you and help share your new site launch.  Leverage the power of your community.  You may be amazed at how the ripple effect from multiple shares and likes in social platforms can help boost your sites visibility.

Upload new videos to youtube3. Upload New Videos to YouTube – YouTube has more than 1 Billion users and is one of the most searched platforms around behind standard Google search.  Having a solid presence on YouTube helps your brand by tapping into the audience that uses video search.  Popular and well optimized YouTube videos can also be shown in regular Google search results, so it’s important to pay attention to this niche.  You can reach a lot of people with a personal message via a video.  If you have added new videos to your site as part of this new build, be sure to add them to YouTube as well.

4. Do an E-Mail Blast -- Share the news of your latest website launch with current customers via an e-mail blast.  Much like a blog or a social media post, you want to encourage your clients to visit the site and give you feedback, and ask them to share the new site with their friends and family.  This is a way to catch the eye of old clients that haven’t visited your site for a while, and a way to have them introduce new people to your site that may not have heard about your business before.

5. Press Release – Celebrate this momentous occasion! This may be a great time to do an official press release about the launch of your new site.  If you do something like an interview for a local newspaper or an article in a community resource, be sure to ask for a link back to your site!  Quality news organization backlinks positively influence your site rankings.

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~ By Tammy Smith, Senior SEO Strategist