5 Tips to Increase Social Media Engagement

Internet Marketing for Attorneys, Surgeons, and Dentists

By Jill Messinger, Social Media Specialist

A frustration we often hear from new clients is that their social media posts are receiving little to no engagement. Nowadays, social media is oversaturated with content, which makes it difficult for your posts to stand out among the others in the news feed. The addition of boosted posts and social media advertising also makes it more difficult for organic posts to garner as much user participation as they used to.

However, with a little extra effort and planning, you can easily boost your social media engagement by following these five organic strategies.

1. Show Off Your Personality

On Facebook, more than 350 million photos are shared each day, making it the most popular type of content across the platform. Social media users, and people in general, love getting a behind-the-scenes look into a business or practice, and the easiest way to do this is to post personal photos from your life.

custom Facebook post doctor with patientExamples of these photos could include:

  • Your employees in the office
  • Weekend hobbies
  • Community involvement
  • Special events

Organic photos that show the personality of your practice are more likely to capture the user’s attention, which will ultimately boost engagement.

2. Create Unique Visual Content

One of the easiest ways to increase engagement on your social media posts is to share content that people actually want to see, not just what you want them to see. Creating unique, visually appealing content that makes the user pause while scrolling through their news feed is exactly the type of content that will generate more engagement.

custom Facebook post before and afterExamples of unique content include:

  • Before-and-after photos
  • Specific images for holidays and observances
  • Stock photos with a text overlay
  • Client testimonials
  • Inspirational quotes

Include your brand’s logo in the images you create so users can easily identify whose account the post is coming from.

3. Post Share-Worthy Content

Although photos are more likely to get engagement, blog posts or shared links have the ability to reach a large number of people as well. Blogs have the ability to drive more traffic directly to your website. Generally, visual content such as infographics or quizzes tends to do better in terms of engagement, but blog posts with an attention-grabbing headline can be just as successful.

When you create a captivating blog headline, think what would grab a reader’s attention if they were looking at a magazine cover.

Sharing interesting and entertaining articles from other websites can also be beneficial in increasing your reach and engagement, as well as cementing your status as an authority in your field and community. Just make sure the articles you share are directly related to your practice and relevant to your audience.

4. Include Calls-to-Action in Your Posts

If increasing social media engagement is your goal, ask your followers directly to engage! Providing a call-to-action at the end of your posts such as “Like this post if you agree!” or “Tell us your opinion in the comments!” gives followers a direct reason to engage with your post.

Social media posts that simply ask the user to share a post is often the most effective way to increase its reach and engagement. In fact, social media posts that include the word “share” accumulate 2x more likes and comments than those that don’t. Sometimes, the easiest way to get your followers to do something is to simply ask!

5. Keep Up with Current Events

custom Facebook post announcing D-Day anniversaryNow more than ever, social media users are utilizing platforms such as Facebook and Twitter as news sources. Posting about current events is an easy and effective way to spark your followers’ interest, resulting in increased participation on your post. Sharing a current news story also keeps your content relevant, which can help bump your posts to the top of user news feeds.

Streamlining Social Engagement

By following these five tips, you are bound to increase your social media engagement in no time. Of course, if this all feels too overwhelming, partnering with a digital marketing agency, such as Page 1 Solutions, may be the right option for you.

One of the many benefits of working with Page 1 Solutions is that the stress of increasing your social media’s reach and engagement is taken care of for you! Social media specialists carefully select and create content to maximize your social media exposure, ultimately creating exposure for your business. Call us today to learn more about our social media services and how we can help optimize your practice: 800-368-9910.