5 Tips To Get More User Pageviews And Boost Search Engine Listings

For Lawyers, Doctors, and Dentists

The focus on users (their needs, habits, expectations, control, etc.) continues to play a bigger role in your online marketing success. Not only is focusing on users more important to convert more visitors into leads and new customers, it also contributes to attracting more visibility on search engines.

That’s right.  Getting visitors to:

  1. click on to more pages, particularly your key target destination pages,
  2. stay longer and read more substantive and relevant content,
  3. watch relevant videos,
  4. engage with your website pages

. . . Will improve your lead conversion ratio, and get you better Google listings.  It starts with making sure your website content is more ABLE.  What I mean is to make your content more:





Accomplish these things and see your online business grow.  Here are 5 tips to design and develop a website that sends Google the right signal; that you are going the extra mile to help your website visitors.

  1. Links - Of course links in your website content can enhance your SEO, but don’t just put links into your website for SEO purposes; utilize key links that are “able” for your users.  Links can help answer questions, provide credibility from an authority source, and provide access to logical “next step” content.  Be creative and dig a little more to provide perspective and content that adds more to your user experience. And use both internal links to additional assets/content in your website, and external links to branded resources. 
  2. Substantive Content – Although it is true that a growing number of visitors to you content are viewing it through a smartphone, and it is more difficult to read and digest content through a smaller screen, don’t be afraid to post longer, more substantive and detailed information.  Some studies have shown that long-form content can have a significant positive impact on your user experience and your search engine ranking.
  3. Visual Experience – Statistics also indicate that content that utilizes relevant graphics and images not only get more widely and completely read, they are also more deeply comprehended.  This is especially important when it comes to longer-format content.  And when possible, use multiple images to maintain interest throughout the page and add visual support to niche sections and topics within your content.
  4. Remove Distractions and Increase Focus – When possible, minimize or eliminate side graphics, navigation to non-related content or promotions.  Crazy Egg, a heat mapping software that helps track user activities and eye motions, indicate that removing your sidebar from blogs can increase conversions by 26% to a whopping 71%!
  5. Make Priority Elements Visible – To help visitors understand what is important on a page and help then organize your content as they digest it, use graphics or visual elements to make the focal point of a page more obvious and clear.  These can be calls-to-action, opt-in offers, sign in buttons, etc.  In addition, utilized key highlighted color, text/fonts, and imagery to stimulate more on-page engagement and increase clicks through rates.

Again, the goal is not necessarily to optimize your website for search engines, but for your users.  And it can build on itself.  You will be rewarded by better search rankings, which will generate more visibility.  This will attract more traffic and more opportunity to demonstrate to Google your page deserves even higher ranking. 

Let us know what you think!

Bill Fukui

P.S. - Here is an invitation for a free analysis of your website’s user experience.