5 Tips To Generate and Convert More Website Leads and Referrals

For Lawyers, Doctors, and Dentists

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April 9, 2015

Add Database Inbound Marketing To Your Website And Marketing Campaign

Marketing online is much more than just having a website and optimizing it for the search engines.  Effective internet marketing has become a more ‘holistic’ endeavor. 

It is increasingly obvious that most practices miss out on their greatest online marketing opportunity:  Converting more of the website traffic they attract and consistently engaging their online community.

     1.  Generate More Leads and Contacts: Low-Commitment Calls-To-Action

An effective website can convert a percentage of visitors into telephone and email leads, but not everyone that visits your website is ready to take the big step of calling you.  On average, 95 percent of website visitors do not turn into a traditional lead.  Many visitors are in an earlier stage of the decision-making process, or just not ready to elevate the situation.

The key is to get them to engage with your website through low-commitment actions, such as downloading helpful resources, checklists, e-books, how to guides, etc.   The goal is to turn your website into a more effective resource for consumers and capturing contact information.  Downloads can also be promotional (coupons, specials, products, etc.), although I would not recommend this be your only or primary type of call-to-action (CTA).

     2.  Be Strategic and Page-Specific

 Rather than just developing and posting just one low-commitment, CTA graphic link throughout your website, it is important to develop multiple CTAs that are specific to target services and pages.

By providing more custom, helpful resources to information-hungry visitors, you will:

  1. Significantly increase your website user engagement/activity
  2. Become a more trusted source
  3. Collect a lot more contact information for follow-up campaigns

     3.  Utilize Data Collection and Email Marketing Automation

Most practices and staff members spend much of their day multi-tasking.  In the vast majority of practices, the task of capturing lead data and marketing to prospects, contacts and even existing clients is overlooked and under-utilized.   We all recognize data collection is important and that database marketing will generate an effective ROI; yet because of limited time and resources, it rarely gets implemented.

Thus, there is a need for data collection and email marketing automation.  Through comprehensive inbound marketing automation, website form submissions can instantly update your lead database and trigger strategic follow-up emails to prospects that your staff has not converted into telephone conversations.

     4.  Lead Follow-Up Campaigns Gets Results

Most practices are only able to do “one-time” follow up, and if the intake person is unable to connect or schedule the inquiry into a consultation, the lead and all their valuable information are wasted.  Statistics indicate that the vast majority of marketing-driven sales occur long after the initial inquiry. 

In addition, there is a “window of opportunity” with online leads.  Concentrating your follow-up efforts during this period of time is essential to high conversions.

Your practice needs a strategic follow-up system that supports your staff’s initial efforts and provides consistency in turning recent inquires (“hot leads”) into conversations with your intake professionals.  The key is to segment these hot leads into a nurturing campaign through email marketing automation.

     5.  Ongoing Touch Email Marketing

In addition to hot leads, your practice needs to constantly stay top of mind and in front of both existing clients and all incoming leads.  Leveraging helpful information, updates to your practice, interesting relevant news, etc. in the form of newsletters or simple updates can develop a more loyal audience, and build your credibility and image as an authority.  It is also a key strategy to stimulate all-important referral activities.

Bonus Tip:

Another key point regarding ongoing email marketing is to coordinate your email marketing efforts with your social media, blogging and website by leveraging links and synergistic content.  Your email database marketing can be the stimulant that “primes the pump” of your community engagement and activity.  By taking a more holistic approach to your email/blogging/social media marketing efforts, the whole of your marketing effort will be far greater than the sum of its parts.  

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