5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Social Media Agency.

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November 17, 2016

Social media needs to be a part of your marketing strategy. The numbers and statistics prove that it is helpful for brand awareness and gaining new leads. We’ve stated it previously that social media is a marketing must in our recent blog 7 Reasons You Can't Ignore Social Media Any Longer. With billions of users collectively across social platforms, your potential customers are spending a majority of their day checking social media.

You may be thinking, "Ok, yes I need social media, but I have a personal Facebook. I can handle social media on my own." This common belief is a myth. Customers expect you to be constantly updating, sharing, and engaging with them on social media. Sprout Social, in a recent survey, found that 90% of those surveyed have used social media to communicate directly with a brand. The survey also found that their expectations are a response to them within 4 hours. A social media agency has the allocated time to make sure your brand is succeeding on social media. Check out these 5 reasons why you should hire a social media agency.

1: Expertise:

Managing a social media page for a business is very different than your personal page. You must think like you are representing a brand, its vision and voice. You must think about the overall company goals and how social media fits into achieving those goals. How are you going to measure ROI? How are you going to schedule content to be delivered across multiple platforms? How are you going to do keyword targeting so your social media lines up to your SEO strategies? How are you going to drive traffic to your site from social? Social media marketing requires knowledge, experience, and creativity to work.

2: Time-consuming:

As a business owner, you are busy running the business. Daily tasks of a social media agency include engaging with followers, creating and sharing content (blog post, images, videos, articles, and other media). Reviewing all social analytics, replying to all incoming messages, scheduling the content calendar, and much more. You have to think about if you have enough time to actually allocate to your social media to help it succeed.

3: Access to tools:

A digital marketing agency has access to paid tools such as scheduling tools, analytical tools, image libraries, contest software, customer relationship management programs, reporting platforms, etc. On an agency level, these tools are valuable to help us manage your social media and we are already using them. No need for you to purchase these expensive products.

4: Dedicated Team and Consistency:

In the social world, you must stay consistent with posting regularly and consistent messaging across platforms. An agency gives you a team of people who are passionate about social media, knows the latest trends, and consistent with technology daily. Agencies want you (the client) to succeed. When you hire a digital marketing agency you get an entire team that wants to help you generate results from the Internet. An agency will help put together a comprehensive social strategy to help create multi-dimensional content that will showcase your brand and sell your service.

5: Our Packages include ‘boosted’ budgets:

Again, an agency understands all the updates and changes to social media, including the pay-to-play shift. An agency understands how to get your content seen, that is why our strategies have a built in boosted monthly budget. This allows your content to be targeted to your specific audience.

Key Takeaways:

To be successful on social media you must have a clear strategy and have time to dedicate to it. You must use social media with intent in order to see high numbers of engagement and to build your online community of fans. Hiring a social media agency is beneficial to your practice to achieve those goals. An agency understands the latest trends, is dedicated and consistent, and has the time to take your social strategy to the next level.

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Written by Jessie Simms. Jessie is a Junior Social Media Specialist at Page 1 Solutions. Connect with Jessie on Twitter or LinkedIn.