4 Ways Our Reviews and Ratings Platform Helps Our Clients

For Lawyers, Doctors, and Dentists

Page 1 Solutions -
March 29, 2018

Last month we shared a blog post about the importance of online reviews and ratings. I’m not going to rehash that post, but I believe this statistic sums it up pretty well: 77% of online shoppers use reviews to make their final purchase decision. That should be convincing enough to invest in the growth and management of your online reputation, whether you are a small family-owned business or a large corporation.

Luckily, there are many tools to accomplish this. Page 1 Solutions offers one of the best platforms for business owners to manage their online reputations. The platform also reduces the amount of clicks or steps that customers need to take in order to leave a review for the business.

Today I’ll go over the key features of our review platform and how our clients are currently finding the best success in using the platform.

Easy-to-Use Widgets

Once the platform is set up, you’ll have access to a variety of widgets that can be easily implemented on your website and other assets like newsletters, email signatures and even business cards you can hand out.

The main widget where all of the “magic” happens looks like this:  


It’s completely customizable for each client. We’ll use your logo, and the rest of the text is customizable to be whatever you’d like. You can even change the 5 stars to be hearts, thumbs up/down, smiley faces and more. We usually leave it as stars, since that’s what most people equate online reviews with.

This is what the email signature widget looks like that you can drop into a newsletter campaign or add it as part of your business email signature so that everyone you communicate with will see it:

Email and Text Message Reminders

In my experience, the best way to get customers to leave a review is by sending review request reminders. he process couldn’t be any easier through our platform. The most important piece occurs before the customer receives the first reminder email or text. We encourage our clients to have the review conversation with customers in the office at the end of their experience. Make it part of your business process to mention that you’ll be sending a review reminder so it doesn’t surprise customers when it shows up in their inbox.

Some clients like to be more selective of whom they send review reminders to, only sending it to those who have already verbally agreed to leave a positive review. Many doctors and dentists don’t send a review reminder until 3 months or more after a procedure to allow the patient to heal fully.

The main point here is that each client has a slightly different approach to requesting reviews. But once we nail it down, it’s a very streamlined process.

The emails themselves are short and personalized for the recipient and the business. Here’s an example of one of the emails with [placeholders] for personalization.

When we add a customer to the system to receive email reminders, we’ll input first name and last name so that the above email is addressed to them specifically. By default, we set up and automate 3 email reminders to go out in about the span of 10 days. You can elect to do more or less, and you can change the frequency of reminders.

Catching Bad Reviews

Whether you want to send review reminders to a large list of customers all at once or you want to be selective about whom you request reviews from, our platform has a built-in way to catch and prevent negative reviews from being published.

I do, however, want to be clear that if customers go directly to Google, Facebook, Healthgrades, Avvo, etc. and leave a review, our platform won’t stop them. Our platform can only stop negative reviews coming through the platform itself.

The system our platform uses to prevent negative reviews is based on the amount of stars a customer initially clicks on. We define 1-3 stars as a negative review and 4 or 5 stars to be a positive review. So, when someone clicks 1-3 stars, they get presented with a form:

This form allows the customer to basically explain why they didn’t feel the need to leave a positive review. Once they click on “Send Message,” the form goes to you and/or your office or practice manager. This then allows you and your team to respond to the customer and try to make amends for the negative experience. It also allows your business to learn and potentially make improvements to a certain part of your process.

Show Off Your Success

Getting more involved in the online reputation of your business does take some time investment. But when you’ve got a good system in place, it’s almost second nature. You may even wonder why you hadn’t taken the time sooner.

A great piece of our platform is the review stream, which can be embedded on your website. It’s exactly what it sounds like: a never-ending stream or list of all of your 4- or 5-star reviews, going to back to your very first one.

Many of our clients come on board with a page of manually entered testimonials on their website. These are usually just text entries and, according to analytics, these pages are usually ignored. When we switch out these manual reviews with the review stream from our platform, the testimonials page starts to see more engagement because the review stream is much more visually engaging and populated with actual online reviews.

These are just a few of the most popular features our clients use when they decide to implement our review platform into their business. If you have more questions or would like a walk through of the platform, please give us a call at (303) 233-3886.