4 Quick and Easy Ways to Promote Your Practice During the Holiday Season

Internet Marketing for Attorneys, Surgeons, and Dentists

By Andrea Techlin, Internet Marketing Consultant

The upcoming holiday season is a great reason to spend more time with friends and family and to find ways to express your love and gratitude for them. This means that businesses are busy trying to convince shoppers that they have the perfect gift for someone on their list. It seems like everyone has a coupon or special event that can’t be missed!

Even if you’re not in retail, as a medical practice owner there are some things you can do to market yourself and your services leading up to and during the holidays. Smartphones allow us to easily know about the best offers and latest updates by checking our email inbox or our social newsfeed. Don’t miss out on a great opportunity to reach your patients with one of these timely touch points through your digital channels.

1. End of Year Benefits Reminder

For anyone who’s been too busy to schedule an appointment or put it off for later, a reminder about using their End of Year benefits or flexible spending account (FSA) is a friendly push to book now. No one wants to throw away money. But since these dollars don’t roll over, the approaching new year could mean lost funds for many patients who need your services.

2. Special Offers

If your practice sells products, consider offering a Black Friday deal for a popular product to get patients in your office or on your website. They may stock up for gift giving, which will help you move more inventory.

We all want to look our best for holiday get-togethers. So it’s a great time to offer a special on cosmetic procedures like teeth whitening or BOTOX treatments. You could even promote some larger investment procedures with a “Treat Yourself” or “New Year, New You” type message to appeal to patients who have LASIK or cosmetic surgery on their wish list.

Offering gift cards can increase sales during the holiday season, and can also help introduce you to new patients in the process. As the saying goes, gift cards are always the perfect size. Promote your gift cards as an easy gift-giving option and consider doing a giveaway to encourage larger amounts. Example: Get a free $25 gift card for every $100 purchased.

3. Free Gifts

Feeling festive? Throw in something extra just for visiting your office during the season. This could be a Starbucks gift card for a holiday beverage or sweet treat like a cookie tin or gourmet candy. A little incentive can go a long way toward getting patients in the door now during your slower months, rather than waiting to schedule their appointment in the spring.

4. Happy Holidays!

Simply taking a moment to reach out and wish your patients happy holidays is an opportunity to spread some cheer, build upon your relationship, and stay top of mind. Create a fun graphic or ecard, or take a photo or video with your staff – ugly sweaters or holiday props encouraged! This communication is also an opportunity to let them know about any changes to your office hours.

Wrapping Up (Pun intended)

I hope you’ll use a few of these ideas to promote your practice from Thanksgiving and into the new year. For even more holiday marketing recommendations, see 8 Ways to Use Holidays Throughout the Year to Market Your Practice.

Best wishes to you during the holidays!