3 Ways Online Video Benefits Your Digital Marketing

For Lawyers, Doctors, and Dentists

Watching videos on the Internet is an engrossing experience. Platforms like YouTube present an ideal way to get news, entertainment and information in a digestible format, and the growth of video on social networking platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat makes personalized versions of video content almost endless.

Your target customers are also fascinated by online video. This presents a critical opportunity to engage potential leads.

According to Hubspot, embedding a video on a landing page increases conversions by 80%. Here at Page 1 Solutions, we also see video search results for more than half of the keyword phrases our clients are targeting.

However, not even a quarter of small businesses report plans to post a video within the next year. For attorneys and doctors, video content presents a key opportunity to drive Web traffic, generate leads and provide additional benefits for your target consumers.

Benefit #1: Engagement

For Web users, embedded video presents what might be a welcome break from straight text. Like any visual, it arrests attention; unlike a static image, video clips also provide an opportunity for interaction.

By pressing “play,” you instantly keep the user on your website longer. It could be a few seconds, it could be a minute, but the point is that you retain their attention. And, by keeping them, you prolong the opportunity to earn their business.

Last year Wistia analyzed the time users spend on pages with videos compared to pages without videos. The study concluded that visitors to the Wistia website spent nearly three times as long on pages that have an embedded video.

By complementing the video with strong on-page elements like the following, you increase the likelihood of conversion even more:

  • Strong written and visual content that explores the practice area discussed in the video
  • Easy access to additional information about your practice, including intuitive menus and compelling calls-to-action (CTAs)
  • Prominent positioning of your phone number and online contact form
  • CTAs on the page and within the video itself

Custom video is a crucial way to personalize the buyer's journey, earning the attention of visitors to your website and cultivating their trust. In this video, Content Specialist Adam Rowan discusses how your practice website acts as a hub for the custom engagement elements comprising your marketing strategy, and how those assets benefit your online lead generation:

Benefit #2: Affordability

Producing a video used to entail significant time and cost, but the advent of new technology has made those barriers things of the past. The “point-and-shoot” era is here, and creating standout video content can be as easy as picking up your smartphone.

Internet users appreciate authenticity, so taking the time to shoot a quick response to an FAQ with your office as the backdrop bridges the gap between your business and your customers.

The popularity of video content is exploding on social media – according to The Verge, videos on Facebook alone get 8 billion views every day. The vast audience on Facebook and other social networks provides you with limitless opportunities for amplification and, if the topic of the video is evergreen, repeat exposure.

Members of your office staff can help promote the videos you produce, posting the clip to their own profiles and sharing it with their friends. Your Internet marketing consultant can also work with you to develop a custom social media plan to generate even more exposure for your custom video content.

Benefit #3: Searchability

According to a white paper released by Cisco, by 2019 video will drive 85% of online search traffic. Not only do videos provide an engaging way to answer queries users submit to search engines, but most platforms provide a way to optimize videos for search.

With Google's Universal Search, you can't afford to ignore the importance of optimizing the videos you post. Universal Search results display video, images, news and other result types alongside the standard clickable text links. These results provide a broad array of options for answering users' questions.

And, with a consistent video optimization strategy, your videos could enjoy prominent placement in the Universal Search results for the queries that lead potential customers to your website.

Writing accurate, compelling titles and descriptions for your videos is a good first step. Selecting an appropriate thumbnail image can also help your video stand out in search results and increase the likelihood that a user clicks the result to watch your video. Transcribing the audio so it appears in subtitles is user-friendly for multiple reasons, including:

  • It allows viewers to watch the clip without sound (particularly helpful for users on mobile devices)
  • It’s SEO-friendly because the text represents to search engines what the video is about
  • It complies with guidelines established under the Americans with Disabilities Act


As the Internet continues to evolve, people are becoming more and more likely to make purchasing decisions online. This makes it increasingly important for businesses to establish an engaging and personal connection with prospective customers (consumer behavior still suggests that decisions and purchases are made when personal connection has been established).

Videos that welcome consumers to your website, answer their questions and address their needs help visitors form an immediate association between your brand and the services you provide. It also provides opportunities for interaction that make the visitor more likely to contact your practice, increasing the potential for more leads.

Websites that utilize videos to draw the attention of the viewer have an immense advantage over those that rely on simple text and images. Learn how Page 1 Solutions can help you engage users and drive leads through your website with custom video by contacting your Internet marketing consultant or calling (303) 233-3886 today!